Lisk Price Prediction 2023-2025

Lisk is going through a battle between bulls and bears. Its price has already broken 50 MA and is heading towards 200 days MA. However, investors have already lost a whopping 98% of their invested assets, leading to investors’ hope of breaking up

Analyzing the coin’s price data, it is observed that it is in a tremendous long-term downtrend. The price has fallen by -0.43% over the past seven days, and we can say that Lisk’s performance was poor
last week.

LSK fell by -97.65% from its peak price of $34.92 over 5 years. Current market sentiments don’t sound good on the LSK coin. It seems that there is no buyer interested in buying the Lisk lately. Bears are overwhelming the market.

Lisk Technical Analysis

The price of the LSK cryptocurrency has breached the 50-day MA and is moving towards the 200-day MA, but we can’t suggest the trend right now because the price is between the 50-day MA and the 200-day MA. However, if the bulls continue to push the price higher, the value of the coin could rise further in the coming week, but the bears are in no mood to shift power to the bulls right now

The current value of RSI is 54.67 points. The 14 SMA line is currently close to the midline, about 53.89 points indicating neutral sentiment in the market. While the price is heading towards overbought territory, the market is facing bullish sentiment at the moment

The MACD indicator is also heading towards a positive area that points towards the price slope. The MACD line at -0.009274 and the signal line at -0.002017 is below the zero

Volume analysis

The average trading volume of Lisk over the last 24 hours is 1568740 dollars. It is showing a -68.20% decrease in volume in one day. The lack of interest in buying cryptocurrencies is the main reason behind its decreasing volume


Lisk is trying to recover from current support. It seems that if the price breaks the 200-day support level, it could lead to the start of an uptrend in the coming days. However, the price of LSK shows an optimistic situation at the moment. Meanwhile, major reliable indicators such as EMA, RSI, and MACD are showing bullish signs on the coin. Because of the coin’s negative performance, investors are afraid to invest in

Technical Levels:

  • Support Level — The current support levels are $0.671 and $0.536.
  • Resistance level — The current resistance levels are $0.937 and $1.067.

Exclusion of liability

The research provided in this article is for informational and educational use only. Don’t take this information as a financial or business recommendation. Trading and investing have financial risks. Before creating any investment or trading decision, consider your risk profile and circumstances.

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