Liquid Swap Binance: what it is and how it works

Binance Liquid Swap is one of Binance’s many passive investment features. Recently, Liquid Swap has reached the highest number of users among binance Defi platforms. So what is Binance Liquid Swap? What advantage does this feature have over other monetization features on Binance? How to make money from Liquid Swap. This article explains the above issues in detail to the reader.

What Is Binance Liquid Swap?

Binance Liquid Swap is a feature that helps provide a pool of liquidity to the market, providing more stable prices and lower fees for large transactions.

Investors in Binance Liquid Swap by Staking (loading assets into Liquidity Pool) receive revenue from 2 sources, including transaction fees and BNB rewards from adding liquidity to the pool. These bonuses are updated every hour. However, these are not guaranteed sources of income.

  • Farming Rewards Return = Reward Ratio * Total hourly yield-farming rewards in Liquidity Pool.
  • Trading Commission Rewards = Reward Ratio * Total Hourly Trading Commission Rewards in the Liquidity Pool.

How does Liquid Swap work?

Liquid Swap is a yield mining application on the Binance CEX (centralized exchange) platform. This application organizes liquidity pools by raising capital from participants. Participants provide tokens of their own and can quickly become liquidity providers or use swaps without the need to execute complex Defi trades and incur blockchain fees.

The Liquid Swap platform has several advantages:

  1. Simple, easy-to-use interface: Many liquidity pools in the market require users to switch from websites to wallets, which can cause confusion or create security holes. However, on the Liquid Swap platform, all trades from the transfer of funds, liquidity pools or using the swap function … just a few simple clicks.
  2. Wide selection of liquidity pools including BNB, BTC, stablecoins and altcoins… There are 97 liquidity pools, each with at least $1 million in cash, with the largest containing over 300 million cryptocurrency pools. With a large and diversified number of liquidity pools, Binance has the conditions to grow to meet the needs of users, and participants also have more choices and better liquid assets.
  3. BNB Award: Liquid Swap is the only DeFi platform that uses BNB as a reward for users’ profits. BNB is currently one of the best cryptocurrencies, so users awarded as BNB benefit more than other retail cryptocurrencies.
  4. Choose to receive high or stable returns: Binance Liquid Swap offers 97 pools of liquidity, allowing users to choose a pool with APY that suits their needs. High returns depend on daily movements in market prices, focused on altcoin pools. Meanwhile, if users want a guaranteed profit and are not affected by the market, they often choose a pool of Stablecoins.
  5. Free Money Transfer: Users who want to add funds to their Liquid Swap wallet or transfer them to other wallets on Binance do not have to pay conversion fees like when pooling on the blockchain or other platforms.

How to make money on Binance Liquid Swap?

Step 1: Log in to the Binance account. Register using the link below:

Step 2: Access the Liquid Swap feature: Click on the Finance tab, select Binance Earn. Scroll down to the Liquid Exchange area, choose Go to Liquid Exchange.

Step 3: Perform Liquid Swap: Select your preferred cryptocurrency pair on the Overview page and click on Liquidity.

Complete the Liquid Exchange Guide and Quiz. When you’re done, click Add Liquidity to continue. Read and check the box to confirm Binance’s terms of service and select Continue.

In the Liquid Swap window, choose the type of cryptocurrency to provide, enter the volume, check to accept the terms, and click Add Liquidity to complete.


  • Add both cryptocurrency pairs: The balance of both cryptocurrencies should be available in the account.
  • Add a single cryptocurrency instead of a pair: The crypto investor who chooses to add will partially trade to the other and may incur a swap transaction fee, affecting part of their profits.

After completing the steps above, the rewards are transferred daily to the Spot Binance wallet.


Above is the information investors need to know about how to make money on Binance Liquid Swap. It is a way to earn passive income from the cryptocurrency market with high-profit performance and wide selection. However, high profit means unguaranteed profit. However, for those who have no trading experience, here’s how to effectively take advantage of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Learn more about Binance’s passive crypto investment features here.

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