Latest Superbonus 2024 news: new Revenue Agency circular

The Revenue Agency has recently published a circular that clarifies the new provisions concerning the 2024 Superbonus, in particular with regard to taxes on capital gains deriving from the sale of renovated properties. In this article, we’ll explore the new operating instructions and what changes for those who have benefited from the

Superbonus 2024 news: new Revenue Agency circular

Circular no. 13/E of 13 June 2024 of the Revenue Agency, in line with the 2024 Budget Law, introduces important clarifications on capital gains tax exemptions for properties renovated with the Superbonus.

The law amended articles 67 and 68 of the TUIR, introducing a new type of taxable real estate capital gain

Exemption from capital gains taxes

The capital gains deriving from the sale of properties renovated with the 2024 Superbonus are exempt from tax in specific cases, as clarified by circular no. 13/E. The exemption applies to capital gains relating to real estate:

  • Acquired by succession.
  • Used as the principal residence of the transferor or his family members for most of the ten years prior to the transfer.
  • Used as first homes for most of the period between the purchase or construction and the sale, if the purchase or construction took place less than ten years ago.

The initial deadline for calculating ten years is the date of completion of the interventions admitted to the Superbonus, proven by administrative qualifications or by current urban planning and building communications.

What is capital gain and how is it calculated

Capital gain is the difference between the consideration received from the sale of a property and the purchase price or construction cost of the same. This gain is subject to taxation with a replacement tax of 26% if generated from interventions admitted
to the Superbonus.

The provision applies to all types of properties, regardless of who carried out the interventions, who may be the owner, the tenant, the borrower, or a cohabiting family member.

What changes for the 2024 Superbonus

The main changes concern the tax regulation of capital gains deriving from the sale of renovated properties. As of January 1, 2024, transfers of properties that have benefited from the Superbonus and generate a profit are subject to taxation. It doesn’t matter the type of surgery performed or if the deduction was 110% or less

Superbonus 2024 Guide

The 2024 Superbonus offers a 110% tax deduction for specific energy efficiency and seismic risk reduction interventions. Those who can access this benefit must comply with specific requirements and procedures, as outlined in the updated guide available at the Revenue Agency

Other home bonuses

In addition to the Superbonus, there are other home bonuses available in 2024, such as the renovation bonus, the ecobonus, and the furniture bonus. It is useful to consult the updated list of building bonuses to make the most of all available tax breaks

Other help and updates

It’s important to stay up to date on legislative news regarding housing bonuses and other incentives. You can consult our updated guides on the various bonuses and benefits, such as the first home bonus, energy income, social electric bonus, air conditioner bonus, and bill bonus for families
and businesses.

The 2024 Superbonus introduces significant tax changes regarding real estate capital gains. The new provisions aim to clarify the exemption criteria and to standardize tax practices. Stay updated on all the news by subscribing to our newsletter and following our social channels to receive timely and detailed information on
all the benefits available.

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