Kunji Finance: what it is, how it works and opinions

Cryptocurrencies, known for their volatility, can be a challenging asset class to navigate. Many investors, without in-depth technical knowledge, find it daunting to understand the complexity of digital assets. Traditional hedge funds, although actively managed, have high barriers to entry, lack transparency, require substantial minimum investments, and do not offer custody of
investors’ assets.

Kunji Finance provides people with the skills and competencies to manage digital assets. Since its inception, Kunji Finance has managed its ‘Alpha Blue Chip Focused Strategy’ with an in-house asset management team.

As more asset managers join the platform, users will have access to a wider spectrum of investment opportunities

Invest directly from your crypto wallet.

This strategy exploits professional investment tactics, including the trading of BTC, ETH, and activities in the DeFi and metaverse sectors. The goal is to provide optimal returns and maximize capital appreciation for investors, regardless of
market conditions.

Cryptocurrency investments, despite their technical nature, still need the use of risk management and hedging strategies by those with expertise in these sectors. Kunji has teams of specialized fund managers and analysts who are proficient in comprehensive research and rapid implementation

In order to keep your money safe and capitalize on any development prospects, these managers are constantly monitoring the market and calculating fair prices. Additionally, on-chain guidance, sentiment, and other technical and fundamental metrics are considered for each project

A revolutionary base

Kunji Finance’s journey began with realizing the limits of centralized systems. The need for a trustless wealth management platform has become evident, offering non-detention access to strategies previously reserved for high-net-worth individuals. In August 2023, the beta version of Kunji Finance was launched, marking a significant milestone

The beta version of the website is now available, with 500 early adopters participating in the program. Kunji Finance’s active presence in the Arbitrum chain, including being the most traded contract in July, was a
great result.

It also has collaborations with major perpetual DEX protocols and partnerships with prominent players in the crypto space.

Here are some great things Kunji Finance has done so far:

  • The presence of the project on Coinmarketcap, Arbiscan and Coingecko.
  • Recognition from Alchemy with a developer grant.
  • A growing community with more than 34,000 followers on Twitter and 18,000 Discord users.
  • Kunji Research provides a wide range of publications and research materials.
  • Strategic partnership with DWF Labs.

Active portfolio management without a central authority

DeFi currently offers long-term, systemic discretionary strategies, but their rewards are not up to par with crypto hedge funds. Hedge funds, while offering better returns, have high barriers to entry, limited transparency, substantial minimum investments, and no custody of investor assets. Kunji Finance fills this gap, providing discretionary investment theses that cover both long and short strategies

Key features of Kunji Finance

  • Low capital requirements and accessibility through portfolios such as Metamask.
  • Using the Arbitrum blockchain for privacy, speed and affordability.
  • Transparent fee structure with a focus on profit sharing.
  • Asset manager restrictions for safe investments and governance rules for flexibility.

Regulatory compliance

Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies have been available for over a decade, regulatory bodies have a negative view of them. In India, the government and the RBI have established a series of rules for the use of cryptocurrencies

The complexity of tax and regulatory compliance issues could quickly become insurmountable. Kunji’s financial specialists are ready to deal with the ever-changing landscape of government rules, so you don’t have to worry about
your money.

A 24/7 market

Traditional financial markets such as commodities and stocks have a time limit for trading. That’s not how cryptocurrencies work. Cryptocurrency exchanges are available to businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your tactics should reflect this reality. To make the most profitable investments, Kunji, for example, keeps an eye on optimal trading periods based on global market movements and specialized hours for different

Kunji financial token

The KNJT token is securely held within the framework of Kunji Finance. These tokens play a critical role in participating in digital asset management (DAM) strategies, eliminating the need for custody oversight

While DAM exercises the authority to execute transactions in line with the investment thesis, users continuously exercise autonomy over their financial activities.

The statistics you encounter on Kunji Finance are regularly updated every 24 hours, ensuring that you have access to the latest and most relevant information. The KNJT token is distinctly characterized as a means of engaging in digital asset management (DAM) strategies without relying on custody services


Kunji Finance’s native token, KNJ, has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 tokens. As a utility token, KNJ performs critical network functions. This documentation provides comprehensive coverage of the KNJ coin, including its various use cases and functions within the Kunji Finance ecosystem

Customer relationships, channels and segments

Kunji Finance caters to a wide range of customer categories:

  • DeFi enthusiasts: those looking for higher returns compared to traditional loans and loans or performance based methods.
  • Depositors/users: individuals interested in non-trustee asset management and trading based profits.
  • Asset Manager: Professionals looking for assets under management (AUM) and a decentralized infrastructure to implement their strategies.
  • The platform’s commitment extends to social networking applications, promoting valuable relationships.

How to use

Engaging with Kunji Finance is a simple process:

  • Connect your wallet: Start by connecting your Web3 wallet.
  • Select investment strategies: Customize your investment choices based on your objectives and risk tolerance.
  • Portfolio investments: After selecting a strategy, start portfolio investments.
  • Asset Management: Asset managers actively trade the fund, optimizing returns and mitigating risks.
  • Real-time monitoring: stay informed with real-time portfolio performance updates. Evaluate the health of the strategy using metrics such as the Sharpe ratio, maximum drawdown, and standard deviation to make informed investment decisions
  • .


Kunji Finance has ambitious plans for the future, including ensuring insurance coverage for the protocol to safeguard users from potential threats.

The platform aims to improve risk management through an options protocol and improve capital efficiency with the OpenEden return protocol. In addition, Kunji intends to improve liquidity through cross-chain trading

Kunji Finance faces competition from various sectors, including loan protocols, yield farming, leverage yield agriculture, token sets, and rebalancing schemes. It also offers an alternative to single-asset vaults focused on performance and ROI


Kunji Finance employs a decentralized approach, ensuring that users maintain custody and transparency over their digital assets. Users can invest in Kunji Finance methods with ease, maintain control over their funds, and withdraw them at their discretion

Kunji Finance is on a mission to empower cryptocurrency investors with a secure, transparent and innovative approach to asset management. It offers higher returns and alpha than traditional hedge funds and even Bitcoin itself

With simplicity, security and transparency at its core, Kunji Finance paves the way for investors to make the most of their digital assets while minimizing risks.

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