Is poker a game of skill or luck? And can it be considered an investment?

Poker is a game in which luck affects but it is the skill that makes us win: can it be considered, at this time, also an investment?

Does the blindfolded goddess play a preponderant role in winning poker? The ability in the choices also plays its role, let’s see how.

Card games are not always linked only to luck but to a whole series of boundless variables that concern, above all, the game of poker.

If we played with a friend, in fact, to “draw the highest card” the lucky component would affect 100% but if we decide to play Texas Hold’em then there will be a multitude of choices that can affect the final outcome. These are complex choices or instinct and experience but, in any case, accidents in a blatant way.

Poker, therefore, even if it is a card game, is considered a “skill game”, that is, a game where talent and skill in the long run prevail. Of course, it is also true that if one of our opponents wins with a pair of 6 on our pair of aces it is, in truth, luck. But, and this is a very important concept, fate in poker lasts only in the short term. The variance, in fact, positive or negative of events is what characterizes our game session but it is the information and experience in our possession that really determines the progress of a game.

Online poker with real money: can it become an investment?

In a world increasingly devoted to the web in which, even in gambling, the possibility of depositing accounts with cryptography coins is taking hold, then we can understand that gaming, just a click away thanks to mobile devices, can become a source of investment . The best players in circulation, however, invest a lot of time and many game sessions to understand what is the best strategy to put in place towards other players and this can be, for some, a deterrent since our lives go fast and we do not have so many free moments in which we can really dedicate ourselves to what we are passionate about.

The best online poker sites, selected by, also have a very rich game schedule in which it is easy to find many variations of poker to play with. In addition to the aforementioned Texas Hold’em we have, in many platforms, the Omaha and the Stud among others. This type of variety allows us to choose the table where we feel more experienced and play, even at live tables (therefore live with a cam pointed at the croupier), continuously to continue to accumulate experience and improve, therefore, our quality of play. The investment, in the end, is not only of money but, above all, of time. And only this will allow us to understand what are the variables of a match and the typical behavior of some of our opponents.

Land-based casinos in crisis: is online the future of gambling?

One of the most important things to think about, beyond the skill that makes poker a strategy game, is, of course, the crisis of gaming halls and casinos in Italy who found themselves, in 2021, to live the worst moment among all due to the pandemic. The terrestrial sector, in fact, due to the closures related to the lockdown that lasted about a year and a half, have lost a lot of ground compared to online gaming and betting which, consequently, has found itself in its moment of greatest growth. Growth that, according to experts, will continue to explode in the near future in an increasingly coherent way.

Can we, therefore, admit that the habits of Italians in the game have changed? Certainly yes and, of course, this was due, above all, to the temporary closure of cinemas and agencies and to the affirmation, thanks to very advanced software, of everything related to the online sector. Faster and more performing platforms, endless game lists, excellent graphics and maximum security. The encrypted data, both personal and banking, are managed in an excellent way and the customer service allows, even to the less experienced and more doubtful user, to be able to receive answers, at any time, to any question that wants to be asked. This is, to be honest, a great achievement for all operators who, by putting their customers at the center of attention, are able to retain them in a very easy and quick way.

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