Investing in Natural Disaster Stocks

In the current financial landscape, interest in ethical and responsible investments is gaining more and more ground. Among the many options available, one strategy that stands out is investing in natural disaster actions. Andrew Chanin, CEO of Procure ETFs, proposes a unique approach through the Procure Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF (NASDAQ: FIXT). In this guide, we’ll explore the concept of investing before, during, and after natural disasters and analyze the implications of this
investment strategy.

Investing in Natural Disaster Stocks

With the increasing impact of natural disasters on global economies, the idea of investing in companies that provide assistance before, during and after such events is becoming increasingly important. This is the key concept behind the Procure Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF (NASDAQ: FIXT), devised by Andrew Chanin,
CEO of Procure ETFs.

The Founder of Procure ETFs on Investment Strategy

Chanin emphasized the importance of looking at real world scenarios and the direct impact of natural disasters on human activities. According to him, these companies are not simply profiting from the tragedy, but they provide essential services for recovery and preparation in the face of catastrophic events

Objective and Performance of the FIXT ETF

The Procure Disaster Recovery Strategy ETF has demonstrated remarkable success since its launch in 2022, with an increase of nearly 30%. The fund holds stakes in a wide range of companies, including NVIDIA, Babcock International Group and Home Depot, that are active in assisting during natural disasters

Ethical and Responsible Approach to Investments

Despite potential ethical concerns related to profiting from emergency situations, Chanin emphasizes that the companies included in the FIXT ETF are there to provide support and not to exploit tragedies. This sets it apart from other funds, as the main objective is preparation and recovery, not mere financial gain.

Conclusions and Further Insights

The full interview with Andrew Chanin provides more details on the FIXT ETF’s investment strategy and approach to equities in the event of natural disasters. This clear and objective vision can help investors better understand the opportunities and risks associated with this rapidly evolving sector

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