Investing in Gold Royalty and Streaming Shares: A Choice to Consider for Portfolio Diversification

In the investment world, exploring new opportunities is essential for financial growth. One of the emerging options that investors should consider is royalty and streaming actions in the gold industry. These companies offer an attractive alternative for those who seek greater portfolio diversification and want to reduce the risk associated with traditional investments

The Concept of Royalty and Streaming

Royalty and streaming companies have roots in the oil and gas industry and were only introduced to the gold industry later.

These companies provide an investment model that allows investors to access the intrinsic value of precious metals, such as gold and silver, without assuming the direct risk associated with mining and production

History of Royalty and Streaming Actions

The history of royalties is rooted in payments made to the British monarchy in exchange for the right of miners to operate on royal lands. Today, these transactions take place between governments and mining industries, with operators paying a share of the revenue generated on public land. Streaming actions, on the other hand, involve agreements between mining companies and streaming companies that grant the latter a share of the metal produced in exchange for an initial investment

Royalty and Streaming Benefits

These deals offer significant benefits for both streaming companies and mining companies. Streaming companies gain access to the underlying commodity at a fixed price and are protected from excessive costs and fluctuations in production. On the other hand, mining companies receive significant investments during costly construction and expansion phases, without having to face short-term loans

History of Royalty and Streaming Shares

The first royalty agreement in the gold sector was signed in 1986, when Franco-Nevada invested 2 million dollars in Western States Minerals’ small Goldstrike open-pit mine, obtaining a 4% share of revenues. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest gold asset holders, using streaming and royalty agreements to expand
its portfolio.

Advantages of Investing in Royalty and Streaming Shares

Royalty and streaming companies offer investors a unique opportunity to participate in the gold and silver market with a lower risk than direct investments in mining companies. This is due to the lower operating costs and the greater diversification of the portfolio that these companies offer

Risks Associated with Royalty and Streaming

However, despite the many benefits, royalty and streaming companies are not immune to risks. The reliance on access to external financing to expand the portfolio can be a challenge, while the impact of local policies and interruptions in mining activities can affect companies’ revenues and profitability

The Largest Royalty and Streaming Companies

Major royalty and streaming companies in the gold industry include Franco-Nevada, Wheaton Precious Metals, and Osisko Gold Royalties. These companies have built a strong track record in the industry and offer investors a way to access the gold market with reduced risk.

Franco-Nevada: Considered one of the pioneers in the gold royalty sector, Franco-Nevada has established a high benchmark. Founded as a gold exploration company, it quickly acquired a vast portfolio of activities around the world, including operations in precious metals, base metals, and oil and gas. Its assets generate more than 1.2 billion dollars annually, demonstrating the strength and
diversification of its portfolio.

Wheaton Precious Metals: Started as Silver Wheaton in 2004 with a focus on silver production, the company has expanded into the gold and other precious metals market over the years. With investments in 18 operating mines and 26 development projects on four continents, Wheaton Precious Metals has built a solid position in the royalty and streaming industry

Osisko Gold Royalties: Founded in 2014 as part of a spinoff agreement between Osisko Mining, Yamana Gold, and Agnico Eagle Mines, Osisko Gold Royalties quickly emerged as a major player in the industry. Its portfolio includes more than 180 assets on six continents, with a majority of investments in North America. The 5% royalty agreement with the Malartic mine, acquired in its founding agreement, remains one of the pillars of
its business.

These companies offer investors a combination of stability, diversification and growth potential in the gold and other precious metals industry. However, it’s important to carefully evaluate each company’s past performance, financial management, and future prospects before making informed investment decisions


In conclusion, royalty and streaming actions in the gold industry represent an attractive option for investors who want to diversify their portfolio and reduce the risk associated with traditional investments in mining companies. However, it is important to carry out a diligent analysis of the industry and carefully evaluate the risks and benefits before making an investment decision

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