“Invalid MT4 Account”: How to Fix the Error

When trading on MT4, traders can open many different accounts and switching between accounts is convenient. However, this sometimes causes PROBLEMS logging in to MT4 with the “Invalid Account” display error. So what are the reasons why you can’t access your MT4 account? And how to fix it? Let’s find out in the article below.

The MT4 invalid account error occurs when a trader is unable to access the Metatrader platform due to incorrect login information (incorrect username, password or hostname); either the account has not been activated, or outside trading hours due to holidays (markets are closed on weekends or holidays).

Invalid account mt4 error can be easily fixed once you know the cause.

There are many reasons for this situation that prevent you from accessing your account. Here are some possible reasons for the error and how to fix it for each case:

1. Wrong password

The MT4 screen will show an invalid account error if you enter the wrong password while logging in. Double-check whether the password you entered is correct or not (especially uppercase, lowercase, or spaces).

If you forget your password, contact the support of the broker with whom you registered your account to obtain a temporary password via:

  • Click the “Member Access” link on the broker’s official website.
  • Select “Forgot your password”
  • Enter the ID and email you used to register when opening an account.
  • You will then receive an email from the broker with a link to reset your account password.
  • Use this new password and sign in again.

Note: If you forgot your account login ID, you can search in the welcome email sent by the broker when opening the account.

2. Wrong server

Due to the large number of clients of each broker from many different countries, each broker often has many other servers. When you log in to MT4, you will see a lot of server numbers in the server selection box. Therefore, choose your exact server number as provided.

If you don’t remember your login server information, check the welcome email sent by your broker when you open your account or in your MT4 inbox, as shown below:

You will see the Mailbox tab in the Terminal window (or press CTRL + T). You can find a file called New Account Registration. Your login information can be found here.

Note: Many traders pay little attention to the mailbox; the broker’s main information is regularly sent to you via this email address on MT4 (e.g., server name changes, address changes). The ID address of the new server cluster). Check your MailBox regularly and you won’t miss the latest news from the broker.

3. Account not activated

After opening an account, you need to download some necessary documents to verify your identity and activate the account before you can trade.

If you have not uploaded these documents, your account will not be activated. You cannot log in and the MT4 screen will show “Invalid Account”.

4. Closed account

Many brokers have a regulation that your trading account is not logged in or used for a certain period (90 days or 12 months). Therefore, the only solution is to open another account and log in to make operations.

5. Using the old MT4 app for login

Brokers regularly update their MT4 applications. It is not valid to use the old apps for trading and withdrawal since the information about updating the app is sent to all subscribers via email.

So please delete the old version and update the latest version of MT4. Then try to access MT4 again.

If you have tried all the above five ways but still can’t access MT4, please feel free to contact the support team of the broker where you registered your account. In addition, you should also save your login information (ID, account password) in a different place to use in the necessary cases, especially for those who own many other trading accounts.

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