“Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap: How to Fix

Are you getting an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap?

Here is the complete error message, “The transaction cannot be successful due to an error: PancakeRouter: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT”.

Followed by, “This is probably a problem with one of the tokens you’re trading.”

Many users have already faced this problem when trading a token on PancakeSwap.

As a result, they are unable to exchange the token until the error is resolved.

Fortunately, the error can be resolved in two simple steps.

Why am I getting an “Insufficient Amount of Output” error on PancakeSwap?

You are getting an “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap because your slip tolerance is too low.

When the slippage tolerance is too low, the order may not be executed because the price movement is too high.

Slippage tolerance allows you to set the maximum percentage of price movement you are willing to take.

For example, if the slippage tolerance is 5%, it means that your order will not be executed if the price movement is more than 5%.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, and slippage tolerance counteracts them.

Without slippage tolerance, you would trade tokens on the market order.

However, setting a low slip tolerance may prevent the order from being executed.

By default, the slip tolerance on PancakeSwap is 0.8%, which is very low.

PancakeSwap claims that the “Insufficient amount of output” error is caused by one of the tokens you are trading.

In most cases, slippage tolerance is the cause of the error.

How to Fix “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap

To fix “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap, you need to increase the slip tolerance to 12%.

After increasing your slippage tolerance to 12%, you will be able to successfully trade your tokens.

Keep in mind that “12%” is just one benchmark you can follow.

When addressing the “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap, it is highly recommended to increase slippage tolerance in 1% increments.

For example, whenever you see the error “Insufficient amount of output,” increase the slip tolerance by 1%.

Repeat the process until you are able to successfully trade your tokens.

This way, you will trade your tokens at the best rate.

Here’s how to fix “Insufficient Output Amount” error on PancakeSwap in 2 steps:

1. Tap the Settings icon on PancakeSwap

First, open PancakeSwap on your device.

Then, select the tokens you want to trade on the exchange.

In the “From” field, select the token you want to use for the exchange.

In the “To” field, select the token you want to switch with.

Next to the “Exchange” header, you will see a Settings icon.

Tap the Settings icon to open the PancakeSwap settings.

2. Increase slip tolerance to 12%

After tapping on the Settings icon, the “Settings” pop-up will open.

In the settings pop-up, you’ll see three headers including “Slip Tolerance,” “Transaction Expiration,” and “Audio.”

Under “Slip tolerance,” you’ll see three percentages you can choose from, including “0.1%,” “0.5%,” and “1%.”

By default, the slip tolerance on PancakeSwap is 0.8%.

In most cases, a slippage tolerance of 0.8% is too low and will cause the order to fail.

To work around this problem, you can increase the slip tolerance to 12% in the “%” field.

After doing so, you may receive an error “Your transaction may be frontrun”.

Ignore the error message, close the popup, and try to trade the tokens again.

This time, you should be able to trade your tokens on PancakeSwap without receiving an error.

Alternatively, you can increase the slip tolerance in 1% increments whenever you get the “Insufficient Amount of Output”.

This way, you will trade your tokens at the best rate.

You have successfully corrected the “Insufficient Output Amount” on PancakeSwap!


“Insufficient Output Amount” is a very common problem on the PancakeSwap exchange.

As mentioned in the article, the error is mainly caused by low tolerance to slippage.

However, there is no strict rule to deal with slippage as there are multiple factors that you need to consider.

For example, you need to consider price volatility, liquidity, and more before making a decision.

However, if you don’t mind trading your tokens with a big price difference, you can increase your slippage as much as you want.

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