InquBeta 2024-2030 Price Prediction

Currently, InquBeta is in the 9th phase of pre-sale. There are a total of nine pre-sale phases.

According to the InquBeta website:

  • Amount Raised: $12.57M
  • Tokens Sold: 932.5M (90.1% of total)
  • Tokens Remaining: 72,830,837.25
  • Current InquBeta Price ($QUBE): 0.028
  • Next InquBeta Price: $0.0308
  • Contract Address: 0xE77473C4973AD064E04C80959DD56DD4886EFCA9
  • InquBeta Launch Date: 31 December 2023 [No New Date Provided]. A moderator on the InquBeta Telegram channel stated that InquBeta could be launched by the end of this quarter
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  • Estimated Launch Price: $0.0308 [Highly unlikely given the absence of CEXs and the last price of the presale which is 20% lower]
  • InquBeta Presale performance

    InquBeta continued to update the presale data, which shows $12.57M collected. At $150 per investor, that translates to approximately 83k Holders [None of the data has been verified]. There are two main challenges for InquBeta right now: No listing on major exchanges so far and very little buzz on social media. Without this, expectations of a high launch price are unreasonable

    Analysis of the InquBeta Presale

    • Nov 6: +91.4%
    • Gen 13: +56.0%
    • Gen 28: +49.0%
    • Feb 7: +69.0%
    • Feb 29: +75.0%
    • Mar 10: +65.0%
    • Mar 27: +73.5%
    • Mar 28: +73.1%

    Buzz and Sentiment on Social Media for the InquBeta Presale

    • Keyword: (#Inqubeta)
    • Social Media Buzz: Low (Rising)
    • Sentiment on Social Media
      • Past 7 Days: +85.5%
      • Yesterday: +89.3%
      • Today: +76.8%

    InquBeta Security and Governance Audit

    The company Dexola Blockchain Solutions has created InquBeta, including the ERC-20 token, staking contracts and a web page for managing tokens.

    Hacken conducted comprehensive audits of Inqubeta’s smart contracts. Inqubeta’s smart contract obtained an overall score of 9.7 based on an audit that evaluated various aspects such as documentation quality, code quality, test coverage, and security. The quality of the documentation and the quality of the code both scored 9 out of 10, with observations that the logic of commissions could be explained more precisely and the Solidity guidelines were not followed. The test coverage was 100%, but since the code has less than 250 lines, this did not affect the final score. The security score was perfect 10, indicating no code issues. However, the risks highlighted include the ability of the Default Administrator role to change commission amounts at will and an increase in Gas costs due to the transmission fee mechanism. The safety of using iFeeCollector.sol in Inqubeta.sol
    has not been verified.

    In addition, Block Audit has been tasked with carrying out their KYC procedures. Here is the Blockaudit KYC certificate and they know the identity of a project person

    InquBeta Price Prediction: Is InquBeta a Good Investment?

    What is InquBeta?

    According to its Whitepaper, InquBeta introduces the world’s first platform that allows fractional investments in artificial intelligence startups using $QUBE tokens. $QUBE is a special type of token created by InquBeta to change the way artificial intelligence startups obtain funding

    In simple words, InquBeta allows people to use QUBE tokens to invest in artificial intelligence startups through an encrypted platform. Startups can raise funds and connect with fans by offering special NFT rewards and shares on this market

    With every investment opportunity transformed into an NFT, users can now invest as they can. What’s more, being an early supporter now offers additional benefits, giving them a share in the future of artificial intelligence

    InquBeta’s NFT marketplace allows artificial intelligence startups to generate funds by offering attractive NFT-based rewards.

    Utilities of QUBE

    According to their official website, QUBE is a unique type of token that helps crypto investors diversify. A 2% commission on trades is burned, and a 5% commission goes to rewards, allowing QUBE owners to earn more by holding their tokens. This is especially interesting for those who see great potential in artificial intelligence startups.

    On the Inqubeta NFT marketplace, users can use QUBE to invest small amounts in artificial intelligence businesses, obtaining special NFT rewards in return. This easy way of investing helps both those who invest money and startups looking for funds

    Governance of QUBE in InquBeta

    The $QUBE token in InquBeta allows its holders to participate in decision-making for the platform.

    $QUBE holders can propose, discuss and vote on various topics regarding the development, operation and future of the platform.

    Here’s how it works:

    • The owners of the $QUBE token can propose improvements, new features, or changes for the InquBeta platform, such as updates to the NFT marketplace, marketing plans, or community initiatives.
    • The proposals are openly discussed by the InquBeta community to consider different viewpoints and create an inclusive decision-making process.
    • After discussions, the holders of the $QUBE token vote on the ideas. The more $QUBE you have, the more your vote counts
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    • If a proposal gets enough support, the InquBeta team will work to make the approved changes, keeping the platform in line with community input.

    Why should you invest in QUBE?

    • **QUBE is a deflationary ERC20 token designed for crypto investors.
    • **When you buy or sell QUBE, 2% of the transaction goes to a burned wallet and 5% goes to a reward pool.
    • **QUBE holders can earn rewards by betting their tokens.
    • **QUBE is ideal for those interested in investing in AI technology startups.
    • **It can be used on Inqubeta’s NFT marketplace to invest in artificial intelligence startups through fractional opportunities.

    InquBeta Roadmap

    Step 1: Get Started

    • Start the website.
    • Check the $QUBE token for any issues.
    • Start using the $QUBE token on the Ethereum network.
    • Start selling to the public.

    Step 2: Develop

    • Test the Staking app.
    • Try InquBeta Swap.
    • Launch the second marketing phase.
    • Start building the NFT investment platform.
    • Start checking out the first AI startup applications.

    Step 3: Go Live

    • Open the NFT Marketplace.
    • Start trading $QUBE on different exchanges.
    • Launch the Staking app.
    • Present the first AI technological opportunities.
    • Work on iPhone and Android apps.

    Step 4: Expand the Reach

    • Get listed on Coin Market Cap.
    • Get a seat on Coin Gecko.
    • Join more centralized exchanges.
    • Launch InquBeta Swap.

    Step 5: Biggest Moves

    • Start the InquBeta DAO.
    • Expand to other blockchain networks.
    • Open the InquBeta Academy.
    • Announce even more partnerships.

    Overall, InquBeta seems to be a moderate case for investments.

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