InquBeta 2024-2030 Price Prediction: Is it a Legitimate Investment?

InquBeta introduces the world’s first platform that allows fractional investments in artificial intelligence startups using $QUBE tokens. This article reviews the potential of InquBeta as an investment, providing an in-depth analysis of its characteristics and price forecasts

InquBeta Statistics

  • Current Market Capitalization: $2.66 million
  • Circulating supply: 1.50 billion
  • Holders: 15,550

What is InquBeta?

According to its whitepaper, InquBeta allows people to use $QUBE tokens to invest in artificial intelligence startups through a crypto platform.

Startups can obtain funds and connect with supporters by offering special NFT rewards and participation fees

Utilities of QUBE

QUBE is a special type of token designed to facilitate investments in artificial intelligence startups. Investors can earn more by keeping their tokens thanks to a 2% transaction fee that is burned and a 5% fee that goes to a reward pool. On the InquBeta NFT platform, users can invest small amounts in artificial intelligence startups and receive NFT rewards in return

Is InquBeta legit?

Evaluation of legitimacy

InquBeta was developed by Dexola Blockchain Solutions, including the ERC-20 token, staking contracts and a web page for managing tokens. Hacken conducted comprehensive audits of InquBeta’s smart contracts, assigning an overall score of 9.7. The quality of the documentation and code was scored 9 out of 10. The test coverage was 100% and the security got a perfect score of 10. However, risks such as the possibility of the administrator role to change tax amounts and increased gas costs due to the fee-on-transfer mechanism have been highlighted

Block Audit performed KYC procedures, verifying the identity of a project member.

Governance of QUBE in InquBeta

The $QUBE token allows holders to participate in decisions for the development, operation and future of the platform. Holders can propose improvements, discuss and vote on various issues regarding
the platform.

How it works

  1. $QUBE holders can propose improvements, new features, or changes for the InquBeta platform.
  2. The proposals are discussed by the InquBeta community to consider different points of view.
  3. After discussions, $QUBE holders vote on ideas. The more $QUBE tokens you hold, the greater the weight of your vote
  4. .

  5. If a proposal receives enough support, the InquBeta team works to implement the approved changes.

Why invest in QUBE?

QUBE is an ERC20 deflationary token designed for cryptocurrency investors. When you buy or sell QUBE, 2% of the transaction is burned and 5% goes to a reward pool. QUBE holders can earn rewards through staking. QUBE is ideal for those interested in investing in artificial intelligence startups and can be used on the InquBeta NFT platform

InquBeta Price Predictions

Conditions for the increase in cryptocurrencies after the pre-sale

Cryptocurrencies tend to increase under certain conditions:

  • Number of exchange listings.
  • Familiarity with the token or token brand.
  • List price and pre-sales compared to benchmarks.
  • Perceived utility.
  • Influencer support.

InquBeta Roadmap

Step 1: Start

  • Launch of the website.
  • Check the $QUBE token for any issues.
  • Start of public sales.

Phase 2: Development

  • Staking app test.
  • Launch of InquBeta Swap.
  • Development of the NFT investment platform.
  • Verification of the first AI startup applications.

Phase 3: Launch

  • Opening of the NFT marketplace.
  • Start trading $QUBE on different exchanges.
  • Launch of the staking app.
  • Introducing the first AI technological opportunities.
  • Development of apps for iPhone and Android.

Phase 4: Expansion

  • Listing on Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko.
  • Entry into multiple centralized exchanges.
  • Launch of InquBeta Swap.

Phase 5: Major Expansion

  • Launch of the InquBeta DAO.
  • Expansion to other blockchain networks.
  • Launch of InquBeta Academy.
  • Announcement of additional partnerships.

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