Incentives for youth entrepreneurship in 2024: a comprehensive guide

In 2024, there are numerous incentives available to facilitate youth entrepreneurship in Italy. From soft loans to non-repayable contributions, to credit support, these measures aim to encourage the birth and development of new youth businesses. In this guide, we’ll explore the main national and regional incentives, explaining how to access them
and what benefits they offer.

National incentives for youth entrepreneurship

Rest in the South

“Rest in the South” supports the birth and development of new entrepreneurial and freelance activities in various regions of southern Italy and in areas affected by earthquakes in central Italy.

Aimed at people aged 18 to 55, the program offers a combination of bank loans with interest covered by Invitalia and non-repayable contributions. The application is submitted on the Invitalia website

Rest in the South 2.0

Established by the decree law of May 7, 2024, “Rest in the South 2.0” is aimed at young people under 35 who start businesses in the south. The program offers vouchers of up to 50,000 euros for the purchase of goods and services or non-repayable contributions that cover up to 75% of investments, for a maximum of 200,000

Green and digital self-employment incentives

With the May Day Decree 2024, the government introduced new incentives for self-employment in the green and digital sector. Aimed at young people under 35, these incentives include a monthly economic contribution of 500 euros and the exemption from social security contributions
for hiring employees.

Self-employment incentives for companies in the center-north

Also with the decree of May 1, 2024, incentives for self-employment have been introduced in central-northern Italy. Young people under 35 can obtain vouchers of up to 40,000 euros or non-repayable contributions that cover up to 65% of investments, for a maximum of
200,000 euros.

On — more than new businesses at zero rates

This program offers a mix of non-repayable contributions and zero-interest funding to support micro and small businesses composed mainly of young people under 35 or women of any age. Finance investment projects for new initiatives or for the expansion of existing activities

Start Cup

The ‘Start Cup’ is a regional competition that rewards the best innovative start-up and spin-off projects. Each Italian region has its own annual call, which offers training programs, mentorship and market support

Smart & start Italy

Managed by Invitalia, “Smart & start Italia” supports business projects worth between 100,000 and 1.5 million euros. The measure finances investment expenses and services related to innovation

Culture creates 2.0

“Culture creates 2.0” supports the birth of new businesses and non-profit initiatives in the tourist-cultural sector in the regions of Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily. Applications can be submitted online.

Women’s Business Fund

The “Women’s Business Fund” supports the creation and consolidation of women-led businesses. Investment programs are financed in the sectors of industry, crafts, processing of agricultural products, services, commerce and tourism, with a budget of 200 million euros

Regional incentives for youth entrepreneurship

Friuli Venezia Giulia — SISSI 2.0 Project

The “SISSI 2.0 Project” supports the development of entrepreneurial skills in Friuli Venezia Giulia, offering guidance, coaching for the business plan and support for the training of start-ups.

Liguria — Measure 7.2 Youth Guarantee

The call supports the start of new business initiatives with subsidized zero-interest loans for young people between 18 and 29 years old, with expenses between 10,000 and 25,000 euros.

Marche — Business creation

The Marche region promotes self-employment and self-entrepreneurship for young people, offering targeted training and support for the creation of new businesses.

Puglia — NIDI Fund

The “NIDI Fund” supports young people, women and people who have lost their jobs in the creation of microenterprises and associated professional firms, with non-repayable contributions and repayable loans.

Sicily — Youth Policy Fund

This notice funds projects for the inclusive participation of young people in the social life of the territories, with contributions that cover 100% of the eligible costs, from a minimum of 50,000 to a maximum of 70,000 euros.

Tuscany — Investments in water resources in agriculture

The Tuscany region offers capital contributions of 40% for investments in water efficiency in agriculture, with an additional 10% for young farmers.

The list of incentives for youth entrepreneurship is constantly updated. It is important to stay informed of the new opportunities that arise during the year to make the most of the benefits offered. These incentives represent a concrete opportunity for young people to start and develop their business ideas, contributing to the country’s economic growth and innovation

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