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In this article, we’ll give our opinion and that of the market on the future of ICX as we discuss Icon’s price forecasts for 2023 and beyond.

Before we dive into Icon’s price prediction and answer the questions of whether ICX is a good investment or not, why ICX will succeed or fail, or while the price of Icon will rise or fall, let’s quickly take a look at what ICX is and its history to date.

Now, let’s get started.

You can buy, trade and stake ICX on many exchanges, including major platforms such as eToro,, Coinbase and Binance.

ICON Intro

The vision of the ICON project is to introduce the new era of decentralization by redefining the meaning of communities and creating a new world by connecting those communities or to put it in their own words: “With ICON, we are now entering a world of true hyperconnectivity.”

The Icon cryptocurrency conducted an ICO in October 2017 in which half of the total supply of ICX was sold to the public. The total offer created is 800,460,000 ICX, with 400,230,000 sold to the public and circulating. Regarding the release of the other 50% of the total supply, the Icon website states: “The emissions of new ICXs will be determined through the annual C-Rep consultation

Currently, ICX is outside the top 50 coins by market cap.

Captain Altcoin ICX coin price prediction 2021

ICX, like the rest of the market, is tied to the hip of bitcoin’s price action. If bitcoin embarks on another upward race, ICX can hope for one as well. Bitcoin usually has a cooling phase after its mega-bull runs and that’s when the altcoins take over and have a field day with the bulls, often doubling or tripling their
price in a few days.

ICX Price Prediction 2023

High inflation and the extremely dangerous macroeconomic situation were heavily reflected on the price of Bitcoin in 2022. When we take the internal cryptographic issues with big players like FTX, Celsius, Voyager, Luna going down, 2023 doesn’t look too good for the bulls. We’ll probably see a lot of boring sideways price action with a tendency to slide down with every minor market tremor

Most projects will fail: some startups are created just to raise funds and disappear, some would not manage the competition, but most are just ideas that seem good on paper, but are actually useless to the market.

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum said:

“There are some good ideas, there are a lot of very bad ideas, and there are a lot of very, very bad ideas, and even some scams.”

Icon (ICX) Price Prediction 2025 — 2030

As a result, more than 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail and their investors will lose money. The other 5% of the projects will become the new Apple, Google or Alibaba in the cryptocurrency sector. Will ICX be in that 5%?

It’s more than plausible.

ICX has built a solid ecosystem and the team is simultaneously pushing on both fronts: the technological side and the commercial side.

Among the many partnerships, some of the main ones include:

Partnership with Woori Bank and Nonghyup Bank, two of the largest banks in South Korea; with the largest healthcare blockchain consortium in South Korea; Partnership with the largest insurance consortium in South Korea supported by the Ministry of Science; Partnership with Samsung; Partnership with Daily Financial Group etc.

There is also the benefit of coming from South Korea. One of the main advantages of Icon is that it is the biggest blockchain project coming from a very tech-savvy South Korea. It is a nation ready to embrace technological change. You could probably nail this to Korea’s incredible economic development in the second half of the 20th century, when it was transformed from an impoverished country in the aftermath of the Korean War into a wealthy nation with the 12th largest economy in the world

As reported by Quartz, more than 30% of employees within South Korea have owned cryptocurrency at some point. The ICON blockchain project was initiated by the Korean fintech startup incubator Dayli Financial Group, which also owns Coinone, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the country.
While there are many competing projects that seek to connect various industries and public sectors in other countries, ICON has established itself as the only real contender to dominate blockchain development
in South Korea.

ICX should see major gains with Korean markets building steam and overall crypto markets building momentum. ICON has a decentralized exchange for OTC exchanges, they were created by one of the largest financial groups
in South Korea.

All this summary and transformed into a concrete number by our prediction model gave us an ICX price in 2025 at:


How much will ICX be worth in 5 years?

The price of ICX in 5 years could be around $0.3829

How much will ICON be worth in 2030?

Our forecast model sees ICON reach $1.00 in 2030.

How much will ICON be worth in 2040?

Our forecast model sees ICON reach $2.00 in 2040.

Will ICON replace /surpass /surpass Bitcoin?

No, ICON will not replace or exceed BTC.

Can ICON reach $10?

Yes, it is possible that ICON could reach $10 but only in the distant future, after 2030.

Can ICON reach $100?

No, our forecast model sees no chance for ICON to reach $100 in the short or medium term.

Is ICON worth buying?

We are supporters of moderately risky investments: invest most of your cryptocurrency portfolio in BTC (50%); 35% in a basket of large-cap coins and the rest in small projects with huge increases. So in this context, ICON is worth buying.

Is ICON a good investment?

ICON is, just like all other cryptocurrencies, a risky investment. It’s more likely to go up than down because of the good use case, the well-designed tokenomics, the active community, and a solid team behind

How much will ICON be worth?

For the short-term future, it could reach $0.1652. In the long term (8-10 years), it could jump to $1.00 or even higher

Why will ICON be successful and increase in price?

ICON has a good use case, well-designed tokenomics, an active community, and a strong team behind it. All of these are a prerequisite for success and that’s why our forecast model sees ICON rise to $1.00
in 2030.

Why will ICON fail and fall in price?

Cryptographic projects fail for various reasons. Some of the most common are: the team becomes a rogue and abandons the project, regulators declare it illegal and press exchanges to defraud it, lack of media attention, more successful competitors, lack of a well-designed marketing strategy, loss of community support, potential vulnerability in the protocol, failure to achieve the minimum development activity expected on the protocol, inability to attract new developers to build on
their platform.

How high will ICON go?

Our forecast model sees the ICON price explode and reach $2.00 in the distant future.

Can ICON make you a millionaire?

Yes, if you buy a fairly large amount. Don’t expect to invest $100 and become an ICON millionaire. But 100x price explosions are a common sight in crypto, so a $10k investment in ICON could make you a

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