How to View Profit and Loss on from Mobile Phone

How to view profits and losses on by phone in the trading history and profits and losses of open orders. Viewing profit and loss or trading history helps you optimize your trading strategy and learn from mistakes in the trading process. The following article will help you learn about the profit and loss of active trades and the complete transaction history.

What are the profits and losses on

Trade history is a list of trades that you have made and closed, earning your profit or loss.

On, the profit and loss on is the amount of the profit or loss when making a trade. This amount of profit and loss can be realized or not realized.

  • Your account will show the profit and loss made in the transaction history, the profit and loss of the trades you have completed.
  • Unrealized gains and losses will appear in your portfolio. These profit and loss amounts are for open trades and are subject to change based on market realities.

Viewing profits and losses in your trading history helps you take advantage of or learn from mistakes in trading strategies you’ve used in the past.

Meanwhile, profit and loss monitoring with open trades helps you identify stop-loss and take-profit points at the moment more accurately.

It can be said that knowing how to see the profit and loss of an open trade or see the profit and loss in the trading history on are very important to help you improve your trading efficiency.

How to View Profit and Loss on via Mobile Phone

To view profits and losses for trades on mobile phone, log in to your account on your phone. If you don’t have an account, open an account by following the link below:

View profits and losses with open trades by phone

Step 1: Click on the “Portfolio” tab

Step 2: Select [Operations]. Here, you will see the displayed profit and loss of each trade. This number will fluctuate based on the price of the asset in real time.

View profits and losses with closed trades by phone

Step 1: Click on the [Account] tab

Step 2: Select View [Report]

Step 3: Select [Transaction History]

Step 4: Select the time period you want to view the history.

Step 5: You will see the details of the profit and loss of the completed transactions. If you want to save this transaction history, click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner will send the transaction history to your email.

Above is how to view transaction history, profits (profits) and losses on the mobile phones of the platform. By keeping track of this information, you will find ways to optimize your trading strategy. In addition, you can also learn from trading mistakes when researching the results of your investment.

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