How to Stop Copying Traders on eToro

“Stop copying” a PI on eToro is like closing a trading position. All current copy positions, including stop loss/take profit parameters, are interrupted. The total amount you have invested, the amount of profit/loss is transferred directly to the funds available in your account after you stop copying.

How to stop copying traders on eToro?

1. Access your portfolio

2. Click the settings wheel on the side of the trader you want to stop copying


Select the “Stop Copy” option from the drop-down menu.

4. Click “Stop Copying”


  • If you stop copying an investor who trades during closed markets, stop copying orders in that market will be triggered when the market reopens.
  • All copies will remain in the “Pending Close” status until all copy orders in different markets are closed.
  • Only after the closure of the entire copy order, the copied capital is returned to the current balance.
  • You cannot cancel a “Stop Copying” request while the copy order is still in the “Close Pending” state.
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