How to report undeclared work

Undeclared work is an illegal practice that robs workers of their rights and feeds the underground economy. Denouncing this form of exploitation is a civic duty to protect the dignity and safety of workers, but also to guarantee legality and fair competition between companies. In this article we will see what undeclared work is, why to report it, how to do it, what happens after the complaint and how
to prevent it.

What is undeclared work

Undeclared work is a work activity carried out in the absence of a written contract and regular registration with the INPS. In other words, it is a job that is done in the black, that is, without paying taxes and without complying with contract and security regulations. This illegal practice is widespread in many sectors, such as construction, tourism, catering, domestic work and agriculture. The workers involved in these activities are often underpaid, have no rights such as illness or leave, and work in precarious conditions that jeopardize their health and

Why report undeclared work

Reporting undeclared work is important for many reasons. First, this illegal practice steals large sums of money from the state coffers that could be used to finance essential public services such as health, education and security. Secondly, denouncing undeclared work means protecting the workers involved from exploitation and abuse, guaranteeing them rights such as pay, illness and leave. In addition, the complaint of undeclared work helps to maintain fair competition between companies, preventing those that act illegally from having an economic advantage over those that comply with the regulations. Finally, the complaint of undeclared work is a civic duty that contributes to the protection of legality and social justice

How to report undeclared work

Reporting undeclared work is an important action, but it can be difficult for the workers involved who are often in a position of vulnerability. However, there are different ways to report undeclared work securely and anonymously. First, you can contact the relevant authorities, such as the labor inspectorate or law enforcement agencies. These institutions can carry out checks on suspicious businesses and sanction those that violate the regulations. Alternatively, it is possible to report undeclared work through trade union associations or non-governmental organizations that deal with the protection of workers’ rights. In this case, workers can receive legal support and assistance to report undeclared work effectively and safely

What happens after the complaint

After reporting undeclared work, the competent authorities will carry out an investigation to ascertain the veracity of the allegations. In the event that the company is guilty, sanctions such as the closure of the business, the application of fines and the obligation to legalize the position of the workers involved will be applied. In addition, the workers involved will be able to obtain compensation for the damages suffered. However, reporting undeclared work can also have negative consequences for the workers involved, such as the loss of work or the risk of reprisals. For this reason, it is important that the competent authorities guarantee the protection of workers who decide to report undeclared work, through measures of anonymity and protection of

How to prevent undeclared work

To prevent undeclared work, it is necessary for institutions, businesses and citizens to work together. First, institutions must strengthen controls on businesses and apply tougher sanctions for those who violate the rules. In addition, it is important to promote the culture of legality and transparency, through the dissemination of information and the training of citizens on workers’ rights and on the rules that regulate work. Companies also play a fundamental role in preventing undeclared work, through compliance with collective rules and agreements and the adoption of social responsibility policies. Finally, citizens can contribute to the prevention of undeclared work, through the refusal to purchase products or services offered by companies that exploit undeclared work and the reporting of possible situations of illegality. In conclusion, undeclared work is a phenomenon that harms not only the workers involved, but also the economy and society as a whole. Denouncing undeclared work is an act of civil liability that contributes to the protection of legality, workers’ rights and fair competition between companies. The prevention of undeclared work requires the commitment of everyone, institutions, businesses and citizens, to build a more just and supportive society

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