How to report RAI?

If you want to report RAI for any reason, there are several options available. First, it is possible to contact RAI’s public relations office via e-mail or telephone to report a problem or complaint. It is also possible to file an official complaint through the Communications Guarantees Authority (AGCOM) website. AGCOM is the regulatory body for telecommunications in Italy and is responsible for ensuring the correct application of the rules and regulations of the sector.

It is important to know that complaints filed with AGCOM must be specific and detailed, and should provide evidence and documentation to support the complaint. In short, if problems or violations of the rules are found in the programming or work of RAI, there are official tools to report these
facts and seek a solution.

How to report RAI?

How to contact RAI for complaints

If there is a need to complain to RAI for problems encountered, it is possible to contact the company using different channels. First, you can send a report through the official RAI website through the “Contacts” section. Alternatively, you can refer to RAI Customer Service, available from 8 to 20 from Monday to Saturday, by calling the toll-free number 800,901,199. You can also use the fax number

Those who prefer to write a letter can do so by addressing it to the RAI General Management, Via Alessandro Pavolini, 1 — 00197 Rome. Finally, it is important to underline that there is also the possibility of reporting RAI, if you suspect illegal or harmful behavior against you, by going directly to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In any case, it is essential to present your request in a clear and detailed manner, providing all the elements useful for an accurate assessment of the case. The tone of voice to be used must certainly be professional, avoiding any type of aggressive or provocative attitude

Rai email complaints

Reporting any problems found in the services offered by RAI can be a simple and quick process thanks to the possibility of using the email complaints service. This tool, in fact, allows you to report all situations that may be considered unsatisfactory or negative, from the lack of functioning of a digital platform to customer service issues. All this quickly and professionally, offering the customer the opportunity to be supported in the best possible way. For this reason, RAI makes this direct channel available to the public, which allows an exchange of opinions on the actual issues, which will be answered as quickly as possible by a team of professionals in the sector. Thanks to this service, customers can have the security of an efficient and fast service, which they can rely on for the resolution of any disputes

Rai telephone contacts

RAI offers numerous radio and television programs much appreciated by the public, however, there are situations in which viewers may find the service offered problematic. In those cases, it is possible to file a complaint through official channels, such as the RAI website or telephone customer service. The complaint may concern various issues, such as a program considered offensive or containing inappropriate speech. Rai customer service is available every day with the exception of Sundays and other holidays. It is recommended that you provide the relevant information related to the complaint and to identify yourself correctly. In this way, RAI will provide a timely and effective response to the complaint reported by the professional customer.

Rai fault report

The RAI fault reporting service is an important tool available to users to guarantee the quality of the service provided by the television broadcaster. To report any technical problems, disruptions or malfunctions, simply use the appropriate channel, which can be found on the RAI website. Thanks to this reporting method, RAI technical operators can intervene promptly and resolve the problem as soon as possible. It is important to underline that the reporting of faults is a useful contribution to the quality of the public radio and television service and it is recommended to use it with awareness and

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