How to report a medical malpractice case?

Health is a precious asset and every person has the right to receive adequate and safe care. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that healthcare professionals make mistakes that can cause serious damage to patients’ health, thus configuring a case of medical malpractice. In this article we will see what medical malpractice means, when to report a case, how to do it, what to do next and how
to prevent this phenomenon.

What does medical malpractice mean

malpractice means improper or incorrect behavior, on the part of a doctor, nurse, or other healthcare professional, that has caused harm to the patient’s health. This is a phenomenon that can occur in different ways, such as diagnostic errors, inadequate therapy, omissions of necessary treatment, damage from surgery or other forms of negligence. However, not all medical errors constitute medical malpractice. In fact, to speak of medical malpractice, two factors must occur: the first is the existence of harm to the patient, the second is the element of guilt, that is, negligence or the mistake made by the healthcare professional

When to report a medical malpractice

Reporting a case of medical malpractice is the right of the patient or his family members, who must assert their protection and that of other patients. The complaint must be filed when there is reasonable certainty that a case of medical malpractice has occurred. In general, it is appropriate to report a case of medical malpractice when there are anomalies or improper behavior on the part of healthcare professionals, or when you suffer damage or injuries that could be avoided with adequate assistance. However, before reporting, it is advisable to verify the merits of your reasons and evaluate if there are other possible avenues, such as mediation or a complaint to the health facility

How to report a medical malpractice

To report a case of medical malpractice, it is necessary to fill out a written report, containing a detailed account of the facts and of any damage suffered, as well as the indication of the names of the doctors and health professionals involved. The report must be forwarded to the competent authorities, such as the Order of Physicians, the local health authority or the Public Prosecutor’s Office. In addition, it is advisable to attach to the report any documents useful to prove the validity of your reasons, such as medical reports, medical records, reports from technical consultants or testimonials. Finally, it is advisable to contact a lawyer who is an expert in the field of medical malpractice, who will be able to assist in the drafting of the report and in the evaluation of possible compensation.

What to do after reporting a medical malpractice

After reporting a case of medical malpractice, it is important to wait for the response of the competent authorities, who could initiate an investigation to ascertain any liability of the healthcare professionals involved. In the meantime, it is advisable to collect any evidence to support your thesis and to carefully document the damage suffered. If the complaint is accepted, it will be possible to initiate legal action to obtain compensation for the damages suffered, with the support of an experienced lawyer. In addition, it is possible to contact associations for the protection of patients’ rights, which can provide legal and psychological assistance, as well as support for the resumption of the necessary medical treatment

How to prevent medical malpractice

The prevention of medical malpractice involves first and foremost the training and continuous updating of healthcare professionals, in order to guarantee maximum competence and professionalism in the management of patients. In addition, it is important to promote a culture of safety in the health sector, adopting standardized protocols for the prevention of errors and hospital-acquired infections. Finally, it is essential to encourage the active participation of patients in the management of their care, informing them about the risks and benefits of therapies, involving them in therapeutic choices and guaranteeing them quality care, respectful of their rights
and needs.

In conclusion, reporting a case of medical malpractice is a patient’s right, who must assert their protection and that of other patients. It is important to know how to report and follow the procedures provided to obtain adequate protection. However, the prevention of medical malpractice remains the first objective to be pursued, through continuous training of healthcare professionals and a culture of safety at
all levels.

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