How to Invest in Scandio

How to Invest in Scandio

Scandium is a critical metal, as strong as titanium, as light as aluminum and as strong as ceramic.

Scandio production

Large-scale scandium production began with Russian military programs, but today most scandium is a by-product when processing other minerals such as uranium or rare earths.

World Production

According to the United States Geological Survey, producing countries include China, the Philippines and Russia, where scandium is a by-product of nickel.

Key Projects and Companies

In Australia, companies such as Scandium International Mining and Sunrise Energy Metals are developing scandium deposits. In 2023, Rio Tinto acquired the Owendale project from Platina

In the United States, NioCorp Developments’ Elk Creek project is getting closer to production, with reserves estimated at 36 million tons containing scandium.

Price and Trade

The global scandium market is growing, but it is not formally listed on the stock exchange, making it difficult to follow production volumes and cost. However, the price and the trade take place between private parties

Future Perspectives

IMARC analysts expect the global scandium market to grow 6.3% annually through 2032, driven by demand for solid oxide fuel cells. Despite the challenges, scandium could see an increase in demand thanks to its use in light alloys for aircraft and cars, fuel cells and high-intensity


Although the production of scandium on a large scale is still a goal, recent developments in the sector indicate a growing interest and potential in the critical metal. Research and development continue, fueling optimism for a brighter future for scandium in the technology and energy industry

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