How to Get a Notcoin Bonus in the Telegram Wallet

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Meta Description: Learn how to earn Notcoin bonuses in the Telegram Wallet with our detailed guide. Learn the key steps and details to enter and win!


A promotion in the Telegram Wallet has recently emerged, offering users the opportunity to receive bonuses in Notcoin (NOT). The total fund for this promotion is an impressive one billion NOT! Let’s dive into the details of this promotion and find out how many NOT you can earn
by participating.

Overview of the Notcoin Bonus Promotion

New ‘Bonus’ Section in the Telegram Wallet

The Telegram Wallet has introduced a new ‘Bonus’ section. This new feature, part of the Wallet’s Notcoin earning campaign or “Notcoin Bonus,” started on May 11 and will continue until May 25. Participants must follow specific steps to receive NOT. Let’s see together how to do it.

One Billion Notcoins for the Generous Holders of TON

The “Earn Notcoin on TON” promotion allows users to receive NOT when they recharge a bonus account in TON. This opportunity is available to anyone who owns TON. However, some countries are excluded due to restrictions. These include:

  • USA
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Iran
  • Afghanistan
  • Haiti
  • Liberia
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Myanmar
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Yemen
  • Cuba
  • Residents or citizens of unrecognized countries or territories are also not eligible.

    Steps to Receive Your Notcoin Bonus

    Participate in the Draw

    To participate in the lottery for one billion Notcoins, users must log in to their Wallet and navigate to the “Earn with the Wallet” tab. It is essential to make your first deposit any day during the promotion period, but no later than 24 hours before the bonus program ends.

    Choosing the Right Bonus Program

    In the ‘Earn with the Wallet’ tab, participants will find two bonus programs. The relevant one for this promotion is ‘Earn Notcoin on TON’. This program allows users to earn “up to 7,000 NOT in 14 days.”

    Verification and Deposits

    To participate, users must deposit TON and can potentially receive 7,000 NOT in two weeks. Key features of the promotion include flexible recharge and withdrawal options, but account verification is mandatory. Eligible users must have ‘Extended’ or ‘Advanced’ verification levels, which can be verified in the Wallet settings

    Start Earning Notcoin

    By clicking on ‘Start Earning’, users will be invited to enter the amount of TON they wish to deposit. It is important to note that the maximum investment must not exceed 100 TON. Every day, participants can earn 5 NOT for each TON, and these prizes will be available after May 16. Prizes are redeemable by clicking on the ‘Collect Prizes’ button

    Important Details and Considerations

    Program Flexibility and Risks

    The Portfolio reserves the right to extend or discontinue the bonus program, change the rules, alter the prize amounts and adapt the maximum investment limits in TON. By participating, users accept these possible changes

    It is crucial to recognize that the Wallet declines all responsibility, does not guarantee profits or deposit protection, and warns users to consider participation as a risk.

    Is it worth participating in the “One Billion from the Wallet” Campaign?

    The collaboration between the Notcoin team and the Wallet launched an intriguing marketing initiative, bringing Notcoin into the spotlight. Although the promotion seems simple, participants should proceed with caution. The creators explicitly state that the conditions may change without notice and no
    guarantees are provided.

    Investing in TON should be done with the understanding that results may vary. Participating in such promotions can improve the trading and investment experience, but it’s always crucial to remain vigilant and DYOR (Do Your Own Research

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