How to Earn Ethernity on Coinbase Quiz

With the latest Coinbase quiz, users can earn free ERN tokens by getting the correct answers to the Coinbase Ethernity quiz. But what are they exactly?

Through the Coinbase quiz, users can acquire free crypto tokens by answering some cryptocurrency-based questions. Coinbase Quiz has introduced a variety of crypto quizzes for users to play and explore, including Coinbase SKALE, AMP, The Graph, Enzyme, and Mina.

By answering a few simple questions regarding multiple cryptocurrencies, users can acquire free crypto rewards that can be cashed out through multiple crypto exchanges.

Let’s take a look at his new Ethernity quiz and its answers.

How to Earn Ethernity on Coinbase Quiz

To earn Ethernity via the Coinbase quiz, a user needs to take a look at these answers to acquire some free ERNs.

Question 1) What Is Ethernity?

  • Answer: An authenticated NFT marketplace

Question 2) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the ERN token

  • Answer: Rocks Staking

Question 3) What does the Ethernity roadmap include?

  • Answer: All listed

And that’s it! Answering questions correctly will make you eligible for Coinbase Earn ERN rewards.

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