How to delete a user from

Delete account for what? What should you keep in mind when making this request? How are the steps performed? This article will show you how to delete user accounts and before doing so.

Reasons delete your account

There are many reasons why you may want to open a trading account through a certain broker. Similarly, you also have many reasons why you want to delete your previously opened account.

Some reasons are as follows:

  • You have many different accounts, so you want to delete the accounts you don’t need.
  • You want to switch to another broker platform.
  • You no longer need to buy, sell or trade on the financial markets.
  • You want to open a new account through the reference link for support when needed, so you need to delete the old account.

Note before you decide delete your account

There are a few notes to keep in mind before deleting an account as follows:

  • Deleted accounts will be permanently unrecoverable.
  • The remaining funds in the account cannot be recovered once deleted. Therefore, you must withdraw 100% of the capital into the account before deleting the account.

Instructions for deleting user accounts

Note, here’s how to delete a user account. If you wish to delete your trading account, please refer to the article below:

To permanently delete an account, you can’t currently delete it from the app. Instead, you need to send an email support. Proceed as follows:

  • Step 1. Log in to your email address registered on and create a new email.
  • Step 2. Set the title as [Request delete account].
  • Step 3. Content of the email as follows:

I want to delete my account registered with

Reason: I don’t want to use the service anymore. (Or state your exact reason.)

Account Registration Email Address: Enter your registered email address to open a account.

Username: The user name used to verify the account.

Once we receive the request from support, they will follow the process. You’ll need to monitor your email to know the progress of your account deletion request and follow the instructions.

Note, once you delete your user account, you will not be able to recover the associated data. Therefore, think carefully before making a decision.

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