How to deduct rent in 730 for off-site students

Off-site students can benefit from rent tax deductions through Model 730. This measure makes it possible to obtain an IRPEF reimbursement of 19% on expenses incurred

Rent deductions in Model 730

Requirements to Benefit from the Deduction

To be eligible for the rent deduction, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a degree program at a university located in a municipality other than the one of residence.

  • The university must be at least 100 kilometers away from the municipality of residence and be located in a different province.
  • The deduction is also applicable for courses taken abroad, provided that the university is in a member state of the European Union or in one of the States that have joined the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

Types of Eligible Contracts

The deduction is valid for leases concluded or renewed in the following ways:

  • Law no. 431 of December 9, 1998 for residential buildings.
  • Hospitality contracts concluded with institutions for the right to study, universities, legally recognized university colleges, non-profit organizations or cooperatives.

Deductions for sublease contracts are not eligible.

Amount and Deduction Calculation

Deductible Spending Limit

The maximum amount of deductible expenditure is 2,633 euros per year.
The personal income tax deduction is equal to 19% of this amount, with a maximum obtainable reimbursement of 500 euros.

Non-Deductible Expenses

The following are not included in the deductible expenses:

  • The security deposit
  • Condominium expenses
  • The heating included in the rent
  • The cost for the real estate agency

Procedure for Obtaining the Deduction

To obtain personal income tax reimbursement, it is necessary to fill in Rigo E8/E10 of section I of the 730 Model, using code 18.

Specific Features

Who Is Eligible for a Deduction

Students must have a regularly registered rental agreement. Students enrolled in

  • Higher Technical Institutes (I.T.S.) , equated to university courses
  • .

  • Equalized Music Conservatories and Musical Institutes, as specified by the Revenue Agency circular n. 20 of 13 May 2011.

Parents’ Dependent Students

If the rent is paid by a family member to whom the student is dependent, the family member must indicate the expense in their Model 730.

Cases Excluded from the Deduction

It is not possible to benefit from tax deductions for leases related to:

  • Master
  • Research doctorates
  • Specialization courses


Rent-related expenses incurred by off-site students may be deducted in Model 730, provided that the specified requirements are met. The maximum deductible amount is 2,633 euros per year, with an IRPEF reimbursement
of 19%.

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