How to Copy Traders on eToro

Which solution is best for those who have little knowledge, experience or time but still want to earn money in the financial market?

Copy Trading is a simple but effective method suitable for all levels of trading and helps them make passive money even when they sleep.

To copy trade on eToro, follow the guide below:

1. After logging into your eToro account, click on the “Copy People” tab.


Select a trader (based on his performance, assets, risk score and more) and click “Copy”.

* Note: eToro will introduce some PI (Popular Investors) classified in: Editor’s Choice, Most Copied, Trending, Long-term Investors, Short-term Investors, Multi-Strategy Investors).

3. Then the copy window will appear as below:

Here, enter the amount of capital and set the stop level of the copy.

4. Click “Copy” to complete.

Once completed, all your trades will start copying the trader’s positions automatically.

You can also copy up to 100 different investors at any time. Happy trading!

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