How to change your Binance address step by step?

The address and personal information on the Binance account is proof of identity, so users cannot arbitrarily change them at any time. Users cannot change this information to ensure account security, such as changing email or changing Binance phone numbers. However, if you need to change your personal information or country of residence address on your Binance account, you can still do so through Binance’s support.

Why do you need to change Binance’s address, country of residence or personal information?

  • Users change their residential address and change the personal information on their profile, so they need to update the basic information.
  • The user has entered incorrect information with respect to reality

Changing address or personal information does not often happen. However, if the data changes on paper, users must update it on their Binance account to ensure the security of the account.

Can I change the address or personal information of my Binance account?

Users can make changes to their personal information and addresses. However, these operations cannot be done alone in the account settings. Users must submit a request to Binance Support. After submitting the proposal, Binance resets the user’s KYC verification level to Basic Verification. Then, the user re-enters the information that needs to be changed and re-verifies the account.

Please note that the updated information must be the same as for identity verification documents and proof of address verification.

How to change your address and personal information on Binance?

Log in to your Binance account. If you don’t have an account open at the link below:

Scroll down to the bottom of the Binance home page. Under Support, select [Send a request]. Or visit Binance’s customer support page.

Then, select [Login/Identification], then select [How to Change Residential Address]

The chat window below shows information on how to do this. If you still don’t know how to do it accurately, click [Not Resolved] and submit your questions and supporting photos in the chat box below and click [Submit].

Then follow the detailed instructions of the support staff.

Note when you contact binance support

Binance currently only supports customers via chat directly on the Binance homepage. In addition, Binance never asks customers to provide OTP codes or scan QR codes. Therefore, it could be a scam if someone is contacted via phone, email, or other means. In particular, never provide OTP codes or scan QR codes provided by strangers.

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