How to cancel the Telepass: all methods and conditions

Following recent price increases, many users have decided to cancel the Telepass service, considering it no longer convenient. Fortunately, the company offers different modes, both online and offline, to facilitate the cancellation of the service.

Cancellation methods for each plan

Cancellation of Telepass Base

The Telepass Base plan is the most common among users, thanks to its essential services at a reduced cost. However, starting July 1, 2024, the monthly cost will increase to 3.90 euros.

To cancel the Basic plan, you must fill out a withdrawal form and send it using one of the
following methods:

  • Registered mail: Telepass S.p.A. — Via del Serafico 49 — 00142 Rome
  • Alternatively, you can cancel through the Telepass website, filling out the contract closing form and attaching the necessary documents.

    Cancel Telepass Easy or Plus

    To cancel the Telepass Easy and Telepass Plus plans, it is not necessary to download a specific form. The main procedure takes place in the Reserved Area of the Telepass website

    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Select your subscription item in the menu on the left.
    3. Click on ‘Contract’ in the drop-down menu.
    4. Select ‘Disable Telepass payment services’.

    Alternatively, you can fill out the contract closing form and select “Telepass Easy/Plus”.

    Cancellation of Telepass Pay X

    To cancel the Telepass Pay X plan, you must follow the procedure on the website, choosing ‘Contract Closing’ and then ‘Telepass Pay X’ from the detailed list. Telepass will contact the user to complete the cancellation

    If you also want to cancel the associated device contract, you can follow the procedures for the Telepass Base plan.

    Returning the Telepass device

    After requesting the cancellation, it is essential to return the Telepass device to complete the procedure. The device can be returned to:

    • A Telepass Store
    • A Telepass Service Center
    • An Eni Telepass Point Station

    Alternatively, you can send the device by registered mail to the address: Telepass S.p.A. — Via del Serafico 49 — 00142 Rome.

    Cancellation at Punto Blu

    Since January 1, the Telepass Blue Points have been deactivated, so it is no longer possible to cancel the service at these points. However, you can go to one of the Telepass Points, Telepass Stores or Telepass Service Center
    to return the device.

    Telepass fee costs

    The fee for the Telepass Base plan will increase from 1.83 euros to 3.90 euros per month from July 1, 2024. The fee for the Telepass Plus plan will increase from 3 euros to 4.90 euros per month. These increases can significantly affect the annual cost of the service, prompting many users to cancel the service before 30 June 2024 to avoid the
    new costs.

    Cancelling the Telepass is a simple operation and can be done in different ways, depending on the plan subscribed to. It is important to return the Telepass device to complete the cancellation procedure and pay attention to the deadlines to avoid additional costs

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