How to buy SaitaRealty in SaitaSwap & SaitaPro

SaitaRealty is a satellite token in the Saitama ecosystem that brings the Web 3.0 approach to real-world real estate.

The project aims to solve problems, such as

  • Find affordable accommodation
  • Shortage of residential real estate for renting or buying
  • homeless

SaitaRealty aims to improve the world economy and promote token buyers to shareholders. Through its tokenomics, the project funds the real-world infrastructure and returns the profit to token holders.

The real-world infrastructure that SaitaRealty funds will include zero-emission homes, townhouses/modular homes/condos, and renovated residential homes for veterans/non-veterans and low-income refugees.

Official address of the SaitaRealty Token contract: “0x142a774E8b52550E88E196CedD7A5835acB646D0”.

How to buy SaitaRealty in SaitaSwap?

To buy SaitaRealty, you need to go to SaitaSwap and connect your Web 3 wallet.

Then, select the tokens for the swap and enter the amount.

Finally, click “Swap” and confirm the swap.

You can also buy SaitaRealty on the SaitaPro mobile application.

Disclaimer: We are not financial advisors and this is not a purchase recommendation. Do your research.

  • Steps to buy SaitaRealty in SaitaSwap
  • Steps to buy SaitaRealty in the SaitaPro mobile application

Steps to buy SaitaRealty in SaitaSwap

  1. Connect wallet
  2. Set up token pairs
  3. Swap Confirmation

1. Connect wallet

Visit the official website of SaitaSwap and bookmark it to avoid phishing scams in the future.

By default, you will land in the “Swap” section.

Now you have to click on the “Connect Wallet” option at the top right corner of the web page.

SaitaSwap supports wallets such as MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and the WalletConnect protocol.

Choose the option that is convenient for you. We are choosing the Coinbase wallet.

Note: Sometimes the Coinbase Wallet option does not appear. In such cases, clicking MetaMask will bring up the Coinbase Wallet option.

After selecting the wallet, you need to allow SaitaSwap to see the balance, activity and sending of wallet transaction requests.

To do this, click “Connect“.

2. Set token pairs

After establishing the connection between your wallet and SaitaSwap, you need to select the tokens to trade.

Select Ethereum, USDT or SAITAMA in the first field and enter the amount you want to spend.

Select SaitaRealty (SRLTY) in the second field.

By default, the slip tolerance will be set to 7.5%. Leave it for better execution. If you want to change it, click on the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of the web page.

Finally, click “Trade“.

3. Confirm the swap

A pop-up will appear after you click Swap.

The pop-up contains the token and the amount you are spending, the SRLTY you will receive, the impact on the price and the commission of the liquidity provider.

Review the details and click “Confirm“.

Steps to buy SaitaRealty in the SaitaPro mobile application

  1. Install SaitaPro and set up your account
  2. Tap “Receive
  3. Tap “Swap
  4. Confirm swap

1. Install SaitaPro and set up your account

If you have already installed SaitaPro, you can skip this step.

The SaitaPro mobile application is available for Android and iOS.

After installation, open the application.

As a first step, you must agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

After reading these terms and privacy policies, select the checkbox provided. Then, tap on “Proceed“.

Next, you need to choose a language and set a biometric or 6-digit pin to access the wallet.

Then, you need to tap on “Create Wallet“.

Now, you need to back up and verify the seed phrase. Always keep the seed phrase safe and don’t share it with anyone.

Then, set a name for the wallet and choose a color. That’s all.

If you already have a SaitaPro account, tap “Import Wallet” instead of “Create Wallet” and enter the phrase seed.

2. Tap “Receive

If you already have tokens like ETH, USDT, or SAITAMA in your SaitaPro wallet, you can skip this step.

To buy SaitaRealty, you need to trade tokens such as ETH, USDT or SAITAMA. But you can buy SAITAMA only within SaitaPro using the “Buy” option (soon ETH can be purchased within SaitaPro).

So, to receive other tokens from your other wallet or exchange, you need to tap on “Receive“.

Then, select the crypto token you want to receive.

Now, copy the deposit address or scan the QR code to receive the selected encryption.

3. Tap “Trade

Once you receive the necessary token, you need to tap on “Swap“.

Then, select ETH, USDT or SAITAMA in the first field and enter the amount to trade.

Then, select the SaitaRealty token (SRLTY) in the second field.

Finally, tap on “Trade“.

4. Confirm the swap

Now, a confirmation page contains details, such as the crypto token pairs involved in this swap and their amount, the impact on the price, and the liquidity provider’s fee.

Review the details and confirm the exchange.


For now, you can only buy SaitaRealty tokens on the SaitaSwap, SaitaPro, and LBank cryptocurrency exchange. No other centralized exchange (CEX) has listed SaitaRealty. Then, you need to verify the authenticity of the token and proceed.

You can use Honeypot Detector or Token Sniffer to test the smell of token ambiguity.

To do this, just copy and paste the contract address of the SaitaRealty token into the search box of the above websites.

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