How to buy Niifi token (NIIFI) with Trust Wallet

To purchase the NiiFi token, you need to download Trust Wallet and enable the DApp browser.

Then, you will be able to trade Ethereum for Niifi on PancakeSwap.

NiiFi is an ecosystem of decentralized solutions that aim for mass adoption.

The first version of the platform includes an exchange and loan tool that caters to gaming and finance.

The team behind NiiFi has developed solutions for companies such as Mozilla, Alcatel, Panasonic and Telenor.

In addition, they have been working on blockchain scalability since 2013.

NiiFi has over 13k followers on Twitter and over 9k members on Telegram.

The token has a total circulating supply of 888,888,888 and its nominal price is $0.045.

To learn more about NiiFi, you can visit their official website:

1. Download Trust Wallet

The first step is to download Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet allows you to use decentralized applications such as Uniswap.

You need Uniswap to buy Niifi later.

First, open the App Store and Google Play Store and download Trust Wallet.

After downloading Trust Wallet, you need to create a new wallet.

As you create a new wallet, you will be given a recovery phrase.

Your recovery phrase is like your password, so make sure you save it in a safe place.

Finally, you are required to verify your recovery phrase.

Just place the words to verify the recovery phrase.

Then, the process of creating the wallet will be complete.

2. Copy your Ethereum address to Trust Wallet

Once you have created a new wallet, you need to move on to your wallet.

On your wallet, you will see a list of cryptocurrency wallets.

This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and Smart Chain.

Tap “Ethereum” to open your Ethereum wallet.

On your Ethereum wallet, you will see four icons including “Send”, “Receive”, “Copy” and “More”.

Tap “Copy” to copy your Ethereum address to Trust Wallet.

You need to send Ethereum to this address later.

3. Buy Ethereum on Binance

Next, you need to buy Ethereum

This is because you can only trade Ethereum with Niifi since the token type is ERC-20.

There are a couple of ways you can buy Ethereum.

You can buy it from one of the Trust Wallet providers or from a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance.

However, it is recommended to buy Ethereum from Binance.

This is because Binance has a low spot trading fee of 0.01%.

On the other hand, Trust Wallet providers charge a fee of up to 5%.

To get started, download the Binance app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you’re using a desktop, you can visit Binance’s website.

After downloading the Binance app, open it and create a new account.

Be sure to use the link above or “73583477” as a referral code when creating an account.

So, you need to buy some Ethereum.

You need to buy a minimum of 0.0072 Ethereum.

4. Transfer Ethereum from Binance to Trust Wallet

After purchasing Ethereum from Binance, you need to withdraw it to your Ethereum wallet at Trust Wallet.

This way, you will be able to purchase Niifi using Uniswap on Trust Wallet later.

First, go to your wallet on Binance.

Once you are on your wallet, tap on “Ethereum” followed by “Withdraw”.

Then, you will land on the “Withdraw ETH” page.

On the “Withdraw ETH” page, you will see multiple fields including “Address”, “Network” and “Amount”.

Paste your Ethereum address from Trust Wallet into the “Address” field.

You should have copied your Ethereum address from the second step.

Then, tap “Select Network” and select “ERC20” as the network.

Make sure the network is in “ERC20” and not something else.

Then, enter the amount of Ethereum you want to withdraw.

Minimally, you need to withdraw 0.0072 ETH.

Finally, tap “Withdraw” to withdraw your Ethereum from Binance to Trust Wallet.

5. Copy the contractual address of NiiFi

Now, you need to copy niifi’s contract address.

To do this, go to and search for “Niifi”.

You can also visit the Niifi token here:

Once you are on the token page, scroll down until you reach the “Contracts” tab.

In the “Contracts” tab, tap the duplicate icon to copy Niifi’s contract address.

You need to import this address into Trust Wallet and Uniswap later.

6. Add NiiFi to Trust Wallet

Now that you have copied Niifi’s contract address, you need to add it to your wallet on Trust Wallet.

This will show you the Niifi balance if you buy it.

If you don’t add Niifi to your wallet on Trust Wallet, you won’t be able to see its balance.

First, open Trust Wallet and tap on the Settings icon in the top navigation bar.

After tapping on the Settings icon, you will land on the “Manage” page.

On the “Manage” page, you’ll see a list of resources that you can enable or disable.

Niifi is not listed, so you will have to add it manually.

To do this, paste Niifi’s address on the search bar.

Then, tap on the switch icon to add Niifi to your wallet.

You may see an “ERC20” icon as niifi’s logo has not yet been added to the Trust Wallet database.

7. Enable DApp browser on Trust Wallet

If this is your first time using Trust Wallet, you need to enable the DApp browser.

The DApp browser allows you to use decentralized applications such as Uniswap.

If you do not enable the DApp browser, you will not be able to use DApps.

First, open a browser (for example, Safari, Chrome).

Then, paste this into your browser’s URL field, “trust://browser_enable”.

Then, look for the URL and open the page on Trust Wallet.

After opening the page on Trust Wallet, the DApp browser will be enabled.

8. Trade Ethereum with NiiFi on Uniswap

After enabling the DApp browser on Trust Wallet, you will see a browser icon in the bottom navigation bar of the app.

Tap the browser icon in the bottom navigation bar.

Then, scroll down the DApp browser until you reach the “Popular” header.

Under the “Popular” heading, tap “Uniswap” to open the Uniswap exchange.

On the Uniswap exchange, you will be able to trade Ethereum for Niifi.

To begin with, make sure you are in the Ethereum chain.

Then, tap on “Select a token”.

In the “Search name or paste address” field, paste the address of Niifi’s contract.

You can copy Niifi’s contract address to the fifth step.

Then, tap “Import” twice to import the Niifi token to Uniswap.

After importing Niifi, enter the amount of Ethereum you want to trade.

Finally, tap “Swap” to trade Ethereum for Niifi!

If you added Niifi to Trust Wallet in the sixth step, you will be able to see its balance on your wallet.

You have successfully learned how to buy NiiFi tokens (NIIFI) on Trust Wallet and Uniswap!

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