How the Mining Industry Is Using AI for Data-Driven Discoveries

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a topic of great interest since its entry into the mainstream, becoming a valuable resource for companies that adopted it early.

Implications of AI for the Mining Sector

AI offers new perspectives for the mining sector, promising to revitalize investment in the exploration phase and to provide the necessary tools to improve operational efficiency. During the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) event, AI and machine learning played a primary role, offering insights into how these technologies are being used and what they mean for the
future of the mining industry.

The Mining Sector and Technology

Although AI and machine learning may seem like recent concepts, they have been part of the industry for decades, helping to improve extraction, processing and helping to discover new deposits.

During a PDAC panel, the importance of AI in the sector was discussed, highlighting how tools such as geographic information systems (GIS) have been used to model and visualize exploration data since the 1980s.

Current Use of AI in the Mining Industry

The mining industry is witnessing a new phase of evolution with the wider adoption of AI, integrated more tightly into GIS tools. Companies like KoBold Metals, with the support of leading figures such as Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, have fully integrated machine learning into
their processes.

What Does AI Mean for Mining Investors?

Investment in the mining sector has slowed down in recent years. AI has the potential to revolutionize the exploration process, but to be effective it requires vast amounts of


AI is starting to make its way into the mining industry. If it maintains even half of the potential its supporters suggest, it should help drive discovery and attract new investment in an industry that has needed it for a long time

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