How Money Order Works: A Complete Guide to Cashing In or Send Money

The postal order is a tool used to send or collect money, very common especially among those who do not have a bank account. But how exactly does the money order work? In this article we will delve into all the information you need to make the most of this service.

How does the postal order work?

The postal order can be requested at any post office and can be used to send money in Italy or abroad.

There are several types of postal orders: ordinary money order, circular postal order and fast postal order. The ordinary postal order is the most used and provides for sending money up to a maximum of 999.99 euros, while the circular postal order can be used to send money without limit of amount. The fast money order, on the other hand, allows you to send money more quickly, but has a higher cost than the other two types of postal order.

How to send a money order?

To send a postal order
you must go to a post office and fill out the ordinary or circular postal order form. Alternatively, you can download the ordinary postal order form in PDF format from the official website of the Italian Post Office. Once you have completed the form, you must hand it over to the post office along with the amount to be sent and the cost of the service.

How to cash a money order?

To cash a money order you must go to a post office with a valid identity document and the postal order code received from the sender. Alternatively, it is possible to collect the postal order at a tobacconist affiliated with the Italian Post Office.

Tips: – Before sending or cashing a postal order, it is advisable to check the
commissions applied by the Italian Post Office for the service. – In case of loss of the postal order, you can request a refund at a post office. – To avoid any scams, it is important to carefully check the data of the sender or recipient of the postal order.

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