How do you fill out the RLI form for contract extension?

To fill out the RLI model for contract extension, it is first necessary to have all the data relating to the duration of the initial contract and the clauses provided for the extension. The RLI form is the real estate lease registration model, mandatory for all residential or commercial leases. In the case of contract extension, the RLI must be filled in with particular attention to the field relating to the duration of the contract, since this will be the variable most affected by the unfolding of the extension process.

It is also important to clearly indicate all the parties involved in the lease, namely the tenant and the landlord, and provide all the information necessary for the payment of the tax charges related to the registration of the deed. Compiling the RLI for contract extension therefore requires a good deal of attention and precision, in order to avoid errors that could cause delays in
obtaining the extension itself.

How do you fill out the RLI form for contract extension?

Extension of lease agreement

The extension of the lease is one of the options available to landlords and tenants to extend the duration of the lease. This tool can be used when the parties involved are unable to reach an agreement on the terms of a new contract or when the tenant needs more time to find a new accommodation. In this specific case, the extension of the lease agreement can be requested through the RLI (Real Estate Lease Register), which is the national registry of leases of urban and rural properties. It is important to underline that, to be valid, the lease must be registered with the RLI and only in this way can the tenant request the extension of the contract through the use of specific forms. The RLI for contract extension therefore represents a guarantee for both parties and allows the extension of the lease to be managed in a simple and transparent way

Agency RLI model

The RLI model, acronym for “Real Estate Leases Register”, is a fundamental tool for the extension of lease contracts. This is a register kept by real estate agencies that allows you to monitor all current leases. Thanks to the RLI model, agencies can quickly and easily record information regarding the lease agreement, the owner of the property and the tenant. In addition, the registry allows the parties to request the extension of the expiring contract within the terms established by law. All in complete transparency and security for all parties involved. In summary, the RLI model is an essential tool for the activity of real estate agencies and guarantees the regularity of rental contracts, essential for the protection of the rights of
owners and tenants.

How to fill out the rli template in case of an extension

Compiling the RLI model in the event of a contract extension requires extreme attention and precision. In fact, the landlord must indicate in the form all the data relating to the tenant, the contract and the new expiry date. It is important to remember that the extension of the contract is not automatic and must be established between the parties. The RLI form must be sent to the Revenue Agency within the original deadline of the contract. In this way, it will be possible to obtain the extension of the contract correctly and without incurring tax penalties. It is therefore recommended that you scrupulously follow the instructions for filling out the form and to carefully check the data entered
before sending it.

Contract termination model

An important contractual issue that often emerges during negotiations between landlord and tenant concerns the extension of the lease. In that case, the RLI model for terminating the contract can be of great help in resolving the situation. The RLI (Real Estate Leases Register) is a particular registry managed by the Revenue Agency that aims to monitor and record all the leases concluded. Thanks to the use of the RLI model, the owner can formalize the request for termination of the lease, legally and in line with current regulations. The tone of voice in this type of communication must necessarily be professional, in order to ensure maximum clarity and transparency in communicating the owner’s intentions.

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