How can donations be deducted from taxes?

The Italian tax system makes it possible to benefit from significant tax breaks for those who decide to make donations to charitable organizations and non-profit organizations. In fact, it is possible to deduct from your taxable income a percentage of the donations made in the fiscal year. In particular, the donation deduction is 26% on the amount donated up to 30,000 euros. Therefore, it is possible to obtain significant savings on taxes, but it is important to know how to benefit from this benefit.

In order to be able to deduct the donations made from taxes, it is necessary that they have been made in favor of associations recognized by the State and that you have the related documentation proving the donation. In addition, it is important that the donation was made during the fiscal year and that the taxpayer has exceeded the minimum spending threshold for the tax deduction, equal to 30 euros. In any case, it is always good to refer to the information provided by the revenue agency and contact professionals in the sector for more information on how to deduct donations and related tax advantages

How to deduct donations from 730 from taxes

One of the opportunities to help associations and charities is to offload donations from your 730 taxes. Using this mode is a way to support charitable activities in a concrete way, while reducing income tax. In order to take advantage of this benefit, it is essential that donations are made to regularly recognized bodies and that they have been correctly accredited. The mechanism used for the tax discount provides that the taxpayer can deduct from their taxable income the sums they donated in the previous year to the organizations whose receipt is received. The maximum deduction limit is 30% of taxable income and the recognition of the benefit will be made by the withholding agent based on the data entered in the 730/UNICO model. The possibility of being able to contribute in a real way to the implementation of projects in favor of categories in need and at the same time reducing tax costs certainly represents a great opportunity for all those who
intend to do good.

Deductible donation certification

The certification of deductible donations is an important tool to encourage people to support non-profit associations and non-profit organizations. This procedure is particularly important for taxes, as it allows you to deduct the sums paid for tax purposes, for the purpose of the tax return. Individuals who make donations to recognized associations must have a regular certification issued by the same beneficiary organization, which attests to the actual payment of the contribution. The certification of deductible donations, therefore, represents a fundamental element for benefiting from the tax breaks provided by law and for ensuring the transparency of the disbursements made. A professional and attentive approach to this issue can help improve the quality of social action and to support the development of projects and initiatives in favor of the weakest

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