Harambe Price Prediction

The pre-sale of Harambe AI is in progress. Here are the updates:

  • Total raised: $6.4M
  • Starting Price: $0.05 per token
  • Current Price: $0.210 per token
  • Listing Price: $1 (According to Telegram)
  • Every 2 weeks, the price will increase by 20%. [Next on March 30]
  • 30% of the total token supply will be sold during the pre-sale.
  • The pre-sale period will last about 2 months.
  • The initial launch will take place on Uniswap where additional tokens and Ethereum will be added to the liquidity pool.

  • Contact Address: 0x5484581038cbf8ef33b7f6daec7a2f01f71db3c2

Social Media Sentiment of Harambe AI Crypto’s Pre-sale

#harambe, the buzz on social media is high and growing.

  • Past 7 Days: +7.5%
  • Yesterday: +5.2%
  • Today: +2.6%

Harambe AI Crypto Pre-sale: To Buy or Not to Buy

Net Purchase Rating = Purchase Percentage — Sales Percentage

  • Feb 14th: +25.0%
  • Feb 19th: +36.4%
  • Feb 26th: +42.3%
  • 13th Mar: +41.9%
  • Tue 28th: +44.1%

Latest News on Harambe AI

Harambe AI announces that the tokens will be locked for 1 week after listing on DEX, regardless of the vesting period.

Harambe AI Tokenomics

  • Total Harambe AI Token: 690M
  • Distribution:

    • Marketing & Community Engagement: 34.5 M
    • Lists on CEX: 69 M
    • Burned at creation: 103.5 M
    • Pre-sale: 207 M
    • Quote on DEX: 276 M

    Harambe Price Prediction: Is Harambe AI Crypto Legitimate?

    Owner/Core Team Information: Valeri Shurik, Founder, Formerly Community Manager at Pancakeswap; Josh Buck, CMO (No Verified LinkedIn Profile)

    KYC Check: Is Harambe AI KYC Verified? No KYC information was found on the Harambe AI website

    Certik Audit Summary [New, Details Pending]

    • Harambe Token is in the pre-launch phase, ranked 131st with a security score of 67.31, categorized under the “BB” rating, indicating its position in the top 50% of the CertiK security ranking.
    • The audit report highlights a main problem related to centralization, an average problem concerning access control, and an information problem concerning a logical problem in the code, all recognized but not solved.
    • The

    • token’s foundations received a low score of 41.91, placing it in the top 60%, while its operations obtained a score of 79.73, placing it in the top 45%. Community engagement scored 70.69, placing it in the
    • top 60%.

    • The audit covered 31.30% of the code, with results from both static analysis and manual review. No ownership has been verified through CertiK’s Formal Verification process
    • .

    • The project lacks both CertiK and third-party KYC checks and does not have a CertiK or third-party bug bounty program, indicating areas for improvement in security and community trust.

    Contract Audit: Coinsult carried out an audit of Harambe AI’s contract. The audit found no level of vulnerability in the contract

    • Contract Address: 0x5484581038cbf8ef33b7f6daec7a2f01f71db3c2
    • Audit Method: Static Analysis, Manual Review
    • Audit Date: 10 October 2023

    Harambe Price Prediction: Is Harambe AI a Good Investment?

    What is Harambe AI?

    Harambe is a hedge fund system entirely driven by artificial intelligence. The project claims to beat the market and redistribute profits to token holders through a buy-back and burn mechanism

    What are the Platform’s Statements?

    Harambe has been trained on years of historic trading and powerful strategies from leading hedge funds and experienced traders. Using these skills and training, Harambe AI claims to offer passive income to Harambe AI token holders. As the owner of Harambe, AI does all the heavy lifting for you — from executing strategic trades and exploiting market opportunities to constantly generating revenue
    and more.

    There will be no need for active trading. The trader only needs to hold the Harambe AI token. Decentralized Hedge Fund that operates autonomously and shares profits directly with the community of token holders

    How will this be done?

    The Auto-trading AI Bot will assume the burden of executing a trade and providing passive income to the holder of the Harambe AI token.

    Harambe AI buys back its tokens, constantly reducing its supply and increasing its value. During the pre-sale, traders will be able to obtain tokens starting at $0.05 each, increasing by 20% every 14 days. They will be publicly listed on Uniswap for $1 per token. The AI bot will execute accurate trades 24 hours a day on the best cryptocurrencies

    Harambe AI Price Prediction: Roadmap

    Phase 1

    • Launch of the Harambe Token pre-sale
    • Completion of the 30% pre-sale to the public
  • Harambe’s list on Uniswap
  • Phase 2

    • Influencer onboard
    • Launch of a $1M marketing campaign
    • Harambe’s list on Gate and Kucoin
    • Deploy Harambe AI

    Phase 3

    • Launch of a $5M marketing campaign
    • Integrating Actions into Harambe AI

    Phase 4

    • Integrating Harambe into the best crypto bots
    • Harambe’s list on Binance and Coinbase
    • Adding additional token utilities

    Harambe AI Price Prediction 2024: How to Buy?

    Step 1: Visit the official Harambe AI website. The Harambe AI token is currently available for purchase only through pre-sale. On the official website, enter the USD value for the purchase of the Harambe AI token. The minimum USD required is $50.

    Step 2: Click on the Checkout Now tab. The user will be redirected to the secure Coinbase commerce page. The payment can be made by accessing the Coinbase exchange or using any of the cryptocurrencies listed for payment

    Step 3: A user who wishes to pay using a listed cryptocurrency will need to be provided with the QR code or wallet address.

    Step 4: Once the payment has been made, the user will need to verify the payment and then the purchased token will appear in the dashboard. However, Harambe AI tokens can only be claimed at the end of a pre-sale

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