Guide to the INPS Stork Bonus 2024: What You Need to Know

The Stork Bonus 2024 confirms its support for families, intended for children born or adopted from January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023. This initiative, promoted by the INPS, aims to offer a one-time economic contribution of 500 euros, in favor of the children of employees or former employees of Poste Italiane or the former

Recipients of the Stork Bonus

The bonus is aimed at:

  • Children born or adopted in the 2023 calendar year;
  • Children or orphans of employees of the Poste Italiane SpA Group;
  • Ex-iPost employees, subject to a monthly deduction of 0.40%;
  • Retired people who are already employees of Poste Italiane SpA or ex-iPost.

Bonus Access Requirements

They can claim the bonus:

  • Parents of children born or adopted in 2023;
  • Spouses of the owners in the event of death;
  • Parents not married to the owner, in the event of death or loss of parental responsibility;
  • Legal guardians of orphaned children.

Value and Method of Receiving the Bonus

The Stork Bonus includes a contribution of 500 euros. The amount will be credited to an Italian bank or postal account, or to a prepaid card enabled for bank transfers, provided it is in the
name of the applicant.

Application Procedure for the Stork Bonus

The application for the 2024 Stork Bonus must be submitted exclusively online, through the INPS website, using the SPID, CIE or CNS credentials. The specifications on how to submit the application will be provided with the publication of the 2024 call by the

Priority in the Ranking

The ranking for the award of the contribution will be based on the ISEE of the beneficiary’s family unit, with priority for the children of holders with a higher seniority of enrollment in the IPOST Fund Management.

Deadline and More Details

Although the official announcement for 2024 has not yet been published, detailed information is expected to be available starting in August. It is essential to stay updated on the news related to this initiative, so as not to miss the opportunity to benefit from this economic support

Compatibility with Other Contributions

It is important to emphasize that the Stork Bonus is compatible with other interventions to support families, such as the universal single allowance for children. This means that beneficiaries can combine the Stork Bonus with other forms of financial support provided for families


The Stork Bonus 2024 represents an important support measure for Italian families, aimed at alleviating the expenses related to the arrival of a new member in the family. To guarantee access to this benefit, it is crucial to carefully follow the instructions and deadlines indicated by the INPS once the official announcement has been published

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