Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Is It Legit?

Green Bitcoin is an innovative and sustainable platform that combines the legacy of Bitcoin with the ecological aspect of the Ethereum blockchain. This article will explore the legitimacy of Green Bitcoin, its investment potential, and how to buy $GBTC tokens

Recent data on Green Bitcoin

  • Past 7 days: -10.2%
  • Last month: -49.9%
  • Investment quality: insufficient data

What is Green Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin is an ERC-20 token introduced by Green Bitcoin.

It allows holders to stake their tokens using an innovative Gamified Green Staking mechanism. During the pre-sale, Green Bitcoin can be staked for large rewards and, once launched, holders can predict the price of Bitcoin
to obtain additional rewards.

Why Green Bitcoin?

Green Bitcoin ($GBTC) stands out for its ecological approach in two key aspects. First, it uses a Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, making it 10,000 times greener than the original Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW). This significantly reduces the computational power needed. Second, the ‘green’ philosophy extends to staking, where accurate predictions in the green zone lead to additional earnings. Introducing Gamified Green Staking, Green Bitcoin offers exponential rewards and bonuses of up to 100%
with new weekly challenges.

Price performance

  • All-time high: $2,0171 (April 11, 2024)
  • All-time low: $0.2207 (29 June 2024)

Tokenomics by Green Bitcoin

  • Presale (50%): Significant advantages for early adopters with the $GBTC presale.
  • Staking Rewards System (20%): It supports long-term value and stability, rewarding participants.
  • Marketing (12.50%): Marketing campaigns to increase global visibility.
  • CEX/DEX Listings (7.50%): Balanced allocation between centralized and decentralized exchanges to maintain a robust market presence.
  • Community Rewards (10%): Community growth through engagement and engagement.

Contract and Audit

The Green Bitcoin contract has been audited by Coinsult. Some key points of the audit include:

  • The owner cannot enable trading, mint new tokens or blacklist addresses.
  • The owner cannot set a sales tax at 0% or exclude from taxes, pause the contract, or set a maximum transaction amount.

Website Audit

The website audit conducted by Coinsult confirmed that the site is mobile-friendly, without jQuery errors, secure with SSL and free of spelling errors, ensuring a smooth and secure user experience.

Green Bitcoin Roadmap

Kickoff presale

  • Launch of an accessible $GBTC presale to secure funding for technological development and marketing initiatives.

Exchange Listings

  • Get listings on numerous high-level centralized and decentralized exchanges, with a part of the offer blocked to ensure stable and decentralized trading conditions.

Staking and prediction game launch

  • Start our unique staking platform and Bitcoin price prediction game, engaging initial users and strengthening the community.

Revolution in staking forecasting

  • Transform staking forecasts by introducing improved gamification features, making the staking experience more fun and attractive for users.

Is Green Bitcoin legit?

Verification of ownership and KYC

The official Green Bitcoin site does not provide detailed ownership or KYC verification information. However, Green Bitcoin’s contract was audited by Coinsult, which found three low-risk issues. There are no public functions for minting or burning tokens, ensuring transparency and contract integrity


While Green Bitcoin may represent an attractive investment opportunity thanks to its innovative combination of sustainability and blockchain technology, the lack of detailed information and the current market environment may not favor significant gains in the short term. It is essential to conduct a thorough analysis before investing

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