Fee 41 for Public Employees: Requirements and News

The government is considering introducing the Quota 41 pension for civil servants. This form of early retirement, which allows you to leave the world of work with at least 41 years of contributions, could affect about 30,000 state governments. In this article, we explain what Quota 41 is for civil servants, who is entitled to it, how it works and the details of the proposal put forward by
the government.

What is Quota 41 for Public Employees

The Quota 41 pension for civil servants is a form of early retirement, currently being proposed, which allows them to retire with 41 years of contributions, regardless of age. It should not be confused with the pension for early workers, already in force. The proposal follows the one presented with bill no. 2285 of the 18th legislature, first signed by the deputy Claudio Durigon of the League, known as
Quota 41 for everyone.

The two proposals are very similar, but Quota 41 for public employees is reserved for state workers, while Quota 41 for everyone would also include workers in the private sector. Despite requests from the State Accounting Office and the European Union to stop early pensions by 2025, the government does not rule out the possibility of introducing this early retirement option

Requirements for Retiring with Quota 41

According to the proposal, the requirements for accessing Quota 41 for civil servants are:

  • Have reached 41 years of contributions, calculated using the contribution method.
  • Any age.
  • Be employees of the public administration (PA).

How Does Quota 41 Work for Public Employees

Quota 41 for civil servants is a form of early retirement on request, which allows an early exit from work upon reaching 41 years of contributions, regardless of age. To access this pension, it would be necessary to submit a special application to the INPS

The calculation of the pension allowance with the contribution system determines the amount of the pension based on the amount of contributions paid. However, this method results in a lower pension allowance than the pay system

How much do you lose by retiring with Quota 41

If the Quota 41 pension for civil servants were calculated only with the contribution system, the pension allowance could be even 20% lower. So, should it be introduced, it would be important to consider carefully whether to retire with this option

When does Quota 41 arrive for Public Employees

It is not yet known when, or if, Quota 41 for civil servants will take effect. Unlike the pension for early workers, already in force since 2018, there are no certainties. According to MP Durigon, it could be activated from 2025, but at the moment there is only one proposal left

The Guide to Pensions

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Other Insights and Updates

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Quota 41 for civil servants could represent a significant option for those who want an early exit from the world of work. However, it’s crucial to follow regulatory updates and carefully evaluate economic conditions and requirements to be able to make an informed decision

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