eToro Trading Hours

Different instruments have different opening and closing times, depending on the asset class and the exchange on which they are traded. Remembering trading schedules will help you be proactive in trading and avoid missing out on trading opportunities.

Below are the detailed tables explaining the market hours on eToro.


  • All cryptocurrency markets are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



  • The Daily Break is a re-entry in trading.

    Positions cannot be opened or closed during this period. However, orders can be set to be executed when the markets reopen.

  • Also note that an interruption of trading can result in a gap between the closing and opening prices, so consider opening trading positions during this period.

In addition, you should also follow market events, which may affect the opening and closing times of some exchanges.

I hope you will soon familiarize yourself with the relevant trading hours. Happy trading!

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