eToro Support Ticket: Here’s How to Open One and Fix the Problem

Clients encounter errors or questions while trading eToro. Then you need to contact eToro support. The following article will guide you to open the best support ticket. To help your problem be solved quickly.

Before opening a customer service request ticket, we recommend that you consult the Help Center page, where you can easily find answers to frequently asked questions. Here are the steps to open a support ticket.

Step 1: Navigate to the directory

  • Click on the “Help” item on the left tab in the main interface of eToro.
  • Then, select “Contact Support” You will be redirected to the “Customer Service Center” system interface.

Step 2: Open the support ticket

  • Click on “Open a new ticket”.
  • Select the exact problem you have in “QUERY TYPE” and “I WOULD LIKE HELP”. It makes it easier for eToro to solve and solve your problems faster.
  • After selecting the areas to respond to, eToro will suggest ways to resolve the issue or note the support ticket. This tip is helpful. You should read it carefully.
  • If you still need support and want to submit a ticket, select “I still need help.”
  • Next, write a title in “Subject” and accurately describe the problem you need help with within “Description“.

Step 3: Upload an image describing the problem and send it

Upload a photo of the problem you have and hit “Send Message“.

Photo requirements include:

  • The upload limit is 15 MB in total.
  • The file format must be gif, png, jpg, pdf, doc, jpeg, Docx, txt.

Notes when opening eToro support tickets

In order for the ballot paper to be resolved quickly, it is necessary to note the following points:

  • Describe the problem in “Subject” and “Description” in more detail and specifically. Don’t ask unclear questions.
  • Always have a snapshot of the attached problem. You can upload multiple photos in a single support ticket.
  • Don’t open too many tickets for the same problem. It will take longer to process because each new open ticket is handled by other staff.
  • It may take up to 48 business hours for eToro to respond. However, if you receive an email saying “we are working on your case”, it means that eToro has started handling it and has probably been forwarded to another department.

eToro’s customer service team is always available and guides you through the steps needed to resolve the issue you are experiencing. Please describe the problem in detail and clearly. This helps the support staff identify the exact problem and quickly fix it for you.

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