eToro: In which countries is it available?

eToro is the first social trading platform, which according to experts disrupts the online brokerage industry.

So can you invest in the eToro platform if you are in any country? Let’s retrace the blocked countries.

Is eToro blocked in my country?

eToro is an international platform that operates in over 140 countries around the world, offering a wide variety of financial assets and global markets.

Please note that due to regulatory requirements and business decisions based on risk management considerations, eToro can no longer offer the eToro investment platform to new users in the following countries and territories:

Afghanistan Egypt Macau St.


Aland Islands El Salvador Madagascar Saint Helena
Albania Equatorial Guinea Malawi Saint Kitts and Nevis
Algeria Eritrea Maldives Saint Lucia
Andorra Ethiopia Mali Saint-Martin
Angola Faroe Islands Marshall Islands Saint Pierre
Anguilla Falkland Islands Mauritania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Antarctica Fiji Mauritius Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda Gabon Micronesia San Marino
Armenia Gambia Moldova São Tomé
Aruba Georgia Mongolia Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Ghana Montenegro Senegal
Bahamas Greenland Montserrat Serbia
Barbados Grenada Morocco Sierra Leone
Belarus Guatemala Mozambique Sint Maarten (Dutch part)
Belize Guinea Myanmar Solomon Islands
Benin Guinea-Bissau Namibia Somalia
Bermuda Guyana Nauru South Africa
Bhutan Haiti Nepal South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Bonaire Heard and McDonald Islands Netherlands Antilles South Sudan
Bosnia and Herzegovina Honduras New Caledonia Sri Lanka
Botswana Hong Kong New Zealand Sudan
Bouvet Island India Nicaragua Suriname
Brunei Indonesia Niger Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Burkina Faso Iran Nigeria Swaziland
Burundi Iraq Niue Syria
Cambodia Jamaica Norfolk Island Tajikistan
Cameroon Japan North Korea Tanzania
Canada Jordan North Macedonia Timor-Leste
Cape Verde Kazakhstan Northern Cyprus Togo
Central African Republic Kenya Pakistan Tokelau
Chad Kiribati Palau Tonga
Chagos Islands Kosovo Palestinian Territory Trinidad and Tobago
China Kyrgyzstan Panama Tunisia
Christmas Island Laos Papua New Guinea Turkey
CocosIslands Lebanon Paraguay Turkmenistan
Comoros Lesotho Pitcairn Islands Turks and Caicos Islands
Republic of the Congo Liberia Russia Tuvalu
Cook Islands Libya Rwanda Uganda
Ivory Coast Lesotho Ukraine
Crimean region Liberia Uzbekistan
Cuba Libya Vanuatu
Curacao Vatican City
Democratic Republic of the Congo Venezuela
Djibouti Virgin Islands (British)
Dominica Wallis and Futuna

If you are from the countries listed above, we apologize for not trading on the eToro platform.

You can open an account and trade a demo. But eToro does not verify that account. In addition, it is not possible to recharge the platform.

Keep in mind that if you are not a resident of those countries but travel or work there, eToro services may be blocked or unavailable in those countries.

Regional regulatory restrictions

Please note that the terms and conditions of the platform will also depend on the geographical entity where you are registering your account.

As a result, the regulations and services provided to customers are based on their geographical region, which you can learn about by reading the Terms and Conditions.

Thus, for example, eToro UK provides its clients with all the general services of the platform with the exception of CopyTrading.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) oversees eToro’s operations in Europe, including Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom.
  • Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC) has overseen Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Brunei, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Mexico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Oman, Paraguay, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uruguay.
  • The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) oversees Australia.
  • And finally, the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) oversees eToro’s operations in the United States.

You can see which legal authority governs your eToro account. Go to Settings, click Username.

Will eToro update its list of countries?

The global economy and international financial markets are constantly evolving, so eToro could expand its operations in these restricted countries.

Check the country you are in, is eToro available? Check before opening an eToro account and don’t waste time on it.

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