Elderly care startups: 16 investors

This list aims to offer an exhaustive selection of those investors recently active in the Elderly Care sector. Its usefulness consists in facilitating the task of each founder in meeting VCs and investors, regardless of their connection entity. The list represents a valuable starting point for highlighting the currently most active investors. Now, if you are a founder looking for funding, you must create a short list of investors to whom to present your startup.

This list can provide you with a first approach. Select some of the companies in this list and evaluate their previous investments, the countries in which they operate and contact them by email or through LinkedIn if you think they might be interested. Although I sent a lot of emails, I didn’t get any response: welcome to the world of startups. However, serious VCs will reply to you with feedback, but most of the time they’re too busy to respond to every message. Don’t give up, send a follow-up email asking for feedback and file your pitch. Rejection doesn’t indicate that your business isn’t working, but that your approach isn’t the right one. Remember that there are so many stories of people being turned down 100 times before getting the right funding

Elderly care startups: 16 investors

Bridges Fund Management is a renowned fund manager specialized in sustainable and impactful investments. Taikang Life Insurance offers a wide range of life, annuity and health insurance products for its customers. Generator Ventures is an investment platform at the intersection between aging, care for the elderly and technology, while Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator is a complete program that provides fundamental content for managing a successful startup. Esplanade Ventures focuses on early-stage digital healthcare companies, investing primarily in North America, Israel and Europe. Third Act Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to technology for the well-being of the elderly and their caregivers. Shin Kong Group and Longfor Group provide high-quality domestic and commercial security and services. Europ‘s service network employs more than 750,000 approved suppliers and 36 service centers to support more than 300 million customers around the world. Falkensteiner Ventures invests in early-stage startups in the hotel sector, while IMH is an acute tertiary psychiatric hospital with 2000 beds. Taylor Glover is a chief executive and president of Turner Enterprises, while Home Instead Senior Care Tucson provides services for older adults with chronic conditions. i.Holdings is committed to the development of system software and the provision of care services to the elderly, while the Archstone Foundation finances and grants grants to improve the lives of California seniors. FundiQare is a joint venture fund focused on innovation

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