Editing the MT4 chart: here’s how to step by step on mobile apps

To have a better trading decision, you can edit your MT4 chart according to your preferences. To learn how to customize your MT4 mobile chart, refer to the instructions below.

How to Change MT4 Chart Settings

To customize the display settings for the MT4 chart according to your preferences, go to “Settings” > scroll down to “Charts”. Then, you will be able to modify some chart configurations listed below:

  • Chart types: You can choose between a bar chart, a candlestick chart, and a line chart.

  • Some information such as Volumes, Ask Price Line, Period Separators and Trading Levels can be added to the MT4 mobile app by dragging the mode button to the right.
  • Chart Colors: You can change the color of the scheme and other elements like foreground, grid, up bar, down bar, volumes, bid/ask price line and so on by tapping “Colors” and editing them, then tapping “Save” to apply the changes.

How to change times on MT4 mobile?

There are 9 time frames offered on MT4, including:

  • M1: 1 minute
  • M5: 5 minutes
  • M15: 15 minutes
  • M30: 30 minutes time interval
  • H1: 1 hour
  • H4: 4 hours
  • D1: 1 day
  • W1: 1 week
  • MN: 1 month

To switch between time frames, go to the “Trade” tab, tap on the current time range and select the time range displayed as your preference (from 1-minute charts to monthly charts).

How to add technical indicators in the MT4 chart?

Before you want to add indicators or other objects to the chart, make sure you understand the chart card interface in the MT4 mobile app.

On the main screen of the chart tab, you will see the price history over time. In the Chart toolbar at the top, each function is shown from left to right as follows:

  • Time Range: The MT4 mobile app offers nine different time intervals from 1 minute (M1) to 1 day (D1). Click on the current time frame on the chart and customize it to your liking.
  • Viewfinder: Displays an exact date, price, and indicator values anywhere on a chart.
  • Indicators: Add or remove the indicators displayed on the chart. MT4 offers more than 30 technical indicators on MT4 mobile devices.
  • Objects: Manually add objects to a chart for analytical purposes. This function group includes Lines, Channels, Gann Tools, Elliott Tools, and Shapes.
  • Trade: open a new trade

You can easily add indicators and drawing objects to the chart for technical analysis.

To add indicators to your chart, tap the Indicator icon in the chart toolbar > choose Main Window. A window will appear with a list of indicators available on the MT4 app. You can select one of the Trend, Oscillators, Volumes, and Bill Williams indicators (scroll down to see them all). Then adjust the parameters and tap “Done” once done.

If you wish, you can add more indicators to the MT4 chart.

How to add drawing tools to MT4 chart?

To add objects to your chart, tap the Objects icon in the Chart toolbar at the top of the screen.

In the Objects list, tap the object you want to add. You can add Lines, Channels, Gann Angles, Fibonacci Waves, Elliot Waves, and Shapes (scroll down to see them all).

How to delete indicators and objects in MT4 mobile?

To delete indicators or objects from the MT4 moving chart, tap on the Indicator/Object icon, you will see the current symbols/indicators, tap the “bin” icon in the upper right corner > tick the box of the indicator/objects you want to delete > tap the “trash” again to confirm.

Alternatively, you can remove indicators or objects by tapping the one you want to delete and holding for a few seconds. A red “X” icon will appear, click on that icon to confirm.

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