Ecobonus Auto: all the news from June 3 for contributions on low-emission vehicles

From June 3, the new platform will be active to book contributions for the purchase of cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles with low polluting emissions. This new incentive plan introduces numerous innovations that make ecobonuses more accessible and advantageous for different types of vehicles and categories of buyers

Increase in contributions for Euro 6 cars

One of the main changes concerns the increase in the amounts of contributions granted for Euro 6 cars with CO2 emissions between 0 and 135 g/km.

This increase aims to further encourage the purchase of less polluting vehicles, promoting more sustainable mobility

Beneficiaries of contributions: individuals and legal entities

The new plan extends the beneficiaries of the contributions, including not only individuals, but also legal entities. This means that companies and other organizations can now access incentives to renew their fleets with low-emission vehicles

Concessions for ISEE of less than 30,000 euros

There is a specific benefit for individuals with an ISEE of less than 30,000 euros. This incentive is further increased if a vehicle approved in the Euro 5 class is scrapped at the same time, thus encouraging the replacement of the most polluting

Contributions for the purchase of used cars

In addition to incentives for new vehicles, the plan also includes contributions for the purchase of low-emission used cars. This expands the options for those looking for an environmentally friendly vehicle but have a limited budget for buying a new car

Incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems

Another significant innovation is the introduction of contributions for the installation of new LPG or natural gas systems for vehicles up to Euro 4. This measure makes it possible to reduce the environmental impact even of very recent vehicles, encouraging the spread of less polluting

How to access incentives

To access the incentives, it will be necessary to book contributions through the online platform that will be active from June 3. It is important to follow the instructions provided carefully to ensure that you complete the application process correctly and obtain the desired contribution.

The new ecobonus plan represents an important opportunity to reduce polluting emissions and promote more sustainable mobility. Thanks to the increase in contributions and the extension of the number of beneficiaries, more and more people and companies will be able to benefit from these benefits. In addition, specific concessions for lower incomes and contributions for the purchase of used cars and the installation of LPG and methane systems further expand the possibilities
of accessing incentives.

So get ready to book your contributions starting June 3 and to contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

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