Earth Moon Price Prediction: Time to Sell?

Moon Price is $1.81 which is 10.73% lower than 24 hours ago. The market cap is $230 million, and the trading volume is $174 million.

  • Media reports suggest Terra could launch a new DAO infrastructure
  • With the recent pump, some analysts claim that Terra LUNA 2.0 could drop by up to 50%
  • Some others argue that LUNA could increase by 20%
Last 5 days -2.85% +60.9% -6.10% -3.71%

Is Terra Coin a good investment?

Luna suffered one of the most brutal crashes in the history of cryptocurrency. Due to the collapse of Luna, the entire cryptocurrency market has suffered a bloodbath. The Terra Luna coin lost 100% of its value and was renamed Luna Classic and the new Luna 2.0 coin was launched to replace Luna 1.0.

The Luna 2.0 has the potential as the coin was able to reach an all-time high price of $19.54 on May 28, 2022, but due to unstable market conditions, it crashed and started trading lower.

Is it okay to consider Luna a good investment now?

Luna, one of the cryptocurrencies of the house of Earth can be a good investment only if investors start investing in it and holding it for a longer period. After the disaster, most investors lost faith in Terra’s developers. Investors will seek a quick profit from Luna instead of holding the cryptocurrency for a longer period.

One of the main problems for Luna is that the Luna’s ecosystem has not expanded. If we look at the ecosystem of other cryptocurrencies, there is an ongoing effort to expand the ecosystem. Shiba Inu, which was launched as a meme coin, has also ventured into multiple developments to boost investor confidence. However, for Luna, there has been no development in its ecosystem. Luna depended solely on its stable currency and helped Luna’s Price rise, but with the USTC, Luna’s stablecoin losing its anchor value, the entire Luna ecosystem collapsed. Luna is also somewhat responsible for the current conditions of the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, considering several factors, Luna may not be a good long-term investment, but if someone is looking for a short-term gain, Luna may be preferred.

Will the price of Luna Coin go up? 4 reasons why Terra Luna will go up

  • In 2016, Ethereum, which had just forked from ETC, fell 50% in just 5 months. In the end, ETH doubled the price within a year. So while a 50% drop in Terra Coin sounds scary, it happened before with ETH and ETH is now a respected Blockchain
  • The price of Luna 2.0 is only $3 which makes it easy to own and trade. Often, very expensive cryptocurrencies make it difficult to own and trade. A large number of coins have been held to make it easy to trade or invest.
  • Terra is still in its early days of recovery, eventually, cryptocurrency will improve its capabilities and provide value to customers and businesses.

Will Luna Crypto Price Go Up? 3 Reasons Why Earth Moon Won’t Rise

  • The original reason for $LUNA’s failure was poor planning and execution, unlike ETC which was a security breach, something any large company may have encountered at least once. This does not give investors confidence that Terra Coin will be well managed in the future.
  • Negative news around Earth continues to be reported every day suggesting that everything is not on board compared to cryptocurrency
  • When Terra was originally launched in 2018, the competition was far inferior and this allowed Terra to be a major player in early 2022. It’s unclear how Earth can compete in such a competitive landscape with such a small size and adoption rate. Ethereum, for example, had a free run for 1-2 years to correct the course and gain share.

General Recommendation: There are many options on the market today with less uncertainty. It makes no sense to have $LUNA over 5% of your Crypto wallet.

Earth Moon Price Forecast for 2022, 2023,2025

Maximum price for the year
Earth Moon Price Forecast 2022 US$ 2.53
Earth Moon Price Forecast 2023 $4.18
Earth Moon Price Forecast 2025 US$ 8.2

Earth Moon Price Forecast 2022

Since June 2022 Luna Price has increased by 13% and there are chances that Terra Luna will increase this year. The Luna project was injured after its USTC stablecoin lost its peg and crashed. The Terra Luna coin that was trading well over $70 dropped below $1 and after this huge incident, the developers of Terra Luna launched a new Luna 2.0 coin and converted the old Luna coin into Luna Classic.

After the terrible accident, analysts are not very optimistic about the future of Terra Luna. The maximum Earth Moon Price Prediction 2022 is $2.82

Earth Moon Price Forecast 2023

The forecast for 2023 depends more or less on the momentum of cryptocurrencies in 2022. Over the next five months, if cryptocurrency market conditions improve, there are chances that cryptocurrencies will have a better future in 2023. However, with the current momentum, cryptocurrencies may not be able to earn much even in 2023.

Considering the current momentum, the maximum Earth Moon Price Prediction 2023 is $4.72

Earth Moon Price Forecast 2025

Terra Luna may be able to double its price in 2025, however, the price of Luna is expected to remain below $5 well into 2025. According to analysts, the maximum Luna price forecast for 2025 is $9.06

Luna Price Forecast: Today’s Outlook

General perspectives neutral
1. The wisdom of the market negative
1a. Market data lower
1b. Technical recommendation sell
2. The wisdom of the crowd positive
2a. Crowd Buzz superior
2b. Sentiment on social media superior

What are the factors that influence the price of Luna?

The price of Luna like all other cryptocurrencies is influenced by multiple factors. Geopolitical events have been one of the main factors influencing the price of cryptocurrencies. Any event from around the world, especially in countries where cryptocurrencies are widely accepted, has led cryptocurrencies to crash or surge. Currently, the Russia-Ukraine war is a major influencing factor, and due to the war, the market has been trading lower for over 6 months.

Other factors that play an important role in determining the price of cryptocurrencies are:

Crypto News

Crypto news from around the world has largely influenced Luna’s price. Any good news about cryptocurrencies such as its adoption or increased investor interest has led to a surge in Luna’s price. At the same time, any news regarding the ban on crypto in any country and the regulation against cryptocurrencies has led to a collapse in prices. In addition to it, the price of Luna is also influenced by the action of its developers. Any negative move by its developers has increased the fear of crashing.

Non-cryptographic news

Non-crypto news has also played a very important role in the price movement of cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, Russia attacked Ukraine, this event turned out to be a Waterloo for cryptocurrencies. The market has started to collapse since then and there has been almost no recovery. Along with it recently the US Fed has raised the interest rate, this increase in the interest rate has led to the collapse of the cryptocurrency market.

Prediction Earth Moon Price: the journey of the Moon in 2022

In March 2022, Luna now Luna Classic was the best performing cryptocurrency. When all major cryptocurrencies were trading lower, Luna was a cryptocurrency that was increasing. In the first week of March Luna after losing big in the first two months rose by more than 80% and the price of Luna reached over $ 90. The surge in prices continued and Luna was at over $100 by the end of March 2022.

LUNA managed to replace all the other cryptocurrencies that were its competitor. In April, luna’s price dropped below $100 but it was still one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of the year. Starting at over $100 the price of Luna was slightly below $80 at the end of the month.

May 2022 was the month when things changed for Luna and the global cryptocurrency market. It started with Luna’s UST stablecoin losing its peg and the event that followed was something no one could have predicted. Moon on May 1 was above $80, and on May 12, 2022, the price of Luna fell below $0.01. Most exchanges have suspended trading luna and there has been a bloodbath in the cryptocurrency market with investors losing millions of dollars.

The developers of Luna then decided to convert the old Luna into Luna classic and the new cryptocurrency was launched under the name luna 2.0 or simply Luna.

On May 28, Luna 2.0 went live. The opening price was close to $19 and at the end of the day, the price was less than $5. Terra Luna managed to close the month near $9.

It’s been 3 months since the launch of Luna 2.0. Here are the performances of Luna 2.0 or Luna in the last 3 months:

June 2022: Parent company Earth has almost lost investor confidence. Terra Luna since its launch has not been able to gain much. At the beginning of June, the price of Terra Luna was close to $ 9. But by the 10th of the month, the price was close to $ 3. The price of Luna sank further and by the end of June was on the verge of collapsing below $2.

July 2022: July was similar for Terra Luna. By mid-July, Luna was already under $2, and it looked like Luna 2.0 was about to meet the fate of Luna 1.0. However, Luna managed to hold on to over $1.5 and ended the month at over $1.80.

August 2022: August was slightly better for Luna initially. The price of Luna was once again above $2, but in recent days, Luna has once again collapsed and the price is once again below $2. However, Luna managed to hold on to over $1.5.

Terra Luna price prediction: some facts

  • Terra was founded in January 2018 by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon.
  • Terraform Labs had two native tokens, Terra Luna and the UST stablecoin.
  • The Terra network runs on a tendermint-based proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.
  • After the collapse of FSO and Earth 1.0, Terra Luna 2.0 was launched in place of Luna 1.0 and Luna 1.0 was converted to Luna Classic.
  • Terra (LUNA) has a supply of 1 billion tokens.
  • Of 1 billion tokens, here’s how it was distributed:
  • 8% of the tokens for the Mining Developer program.
  • 1.5% for the developer alignment program.
  • 0.5 has been reserved for emergency assignment to app developers.
  • 20% has been added to the Community Pool
  • 10% is for pre-attack FSO holders and the other 10% if for post-attack LUNA holders.
  • 15% was reserved for post-attack FSO holders.
  • The current spread of Terra Luna is 127,475,474.31 while the maximum total supply of the Moon is 1,004,262,701.
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