Earth Moon Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

Terra was founded in January 2018 by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon. Terraform Labs had two native tokens, Terra Luna and the UST stablecoin. Terra network works on a Tendermint-based proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. After the collapse of UST and Earth 1.0, Terra Luna 2.0 was launched in place of Luna 1.0 and Luna 1.0 was converted to Luna Classic.

Earth Moon Tokenomics

Terra (LUNA) has a supply of 1 billion tokens.

  • Of 1 billion tokens, here’s how it was distributed:
  • 8% of tokens for the Developer mining program.
  • 1.5% for the developer alignment program.
  • 0.5 has been reserved for emergency assignment to app developers.
  • 20% have been added to the Community Pool
  • 10% is for pre-attack UST owners and the other 10% for post-attack LUNA owners.
  • 15% was reserved for post-attack FSO holders.
  • The current circulation supply of Earth Moon is 127,475,474.31 while the total maximum supply of Moon is 1,004,262,701.

Terra Luna Price Performance from May 31st

  • June 2022: (-76.3%)
  • From July to September 2022: +15.5%
  • October 2022: (-8.3%)
  • November 2022: (-32.9%)

LUNA Technical Analysis

The price of Terra Luna has dropped by about 40% in the last 30 days. The price of LUNA produced higher lows in November. The RSI indicates that the Moon has formed extremely double minimums this month. Bulls, however, came to the rescue to bring the Moon to the uptrend.

However, if the bulls were to push the price of LUNA
higher, their first goal would be to push the price of LUNA past the November 19 high of $1.67.

With the price of LUNA moving
above the 30-day moving average, the current momentum is bullish and the price of LUNA is expected to rise as a result of the uptrend.

Earth Moon Prediction Price: Is Earth Moon a good investment?

Luna suffered one of the most brutal crashes in cryptocurrency history. Due to the collapse of Luna, the entire cryptocurrency market has suffered a bloodbath. The Terra Luna coin lost 100% of its value and was renamed Luna Classic and the new Luna 2.0 coin was launched to replace Luna 1.0.

The Moon 2.0 has potential as the coin was able to reach an all-time high of $19.54 on May 28, 2022, but due to unstable market conditions, it crashed and started trading lower.

Luna, one of the
cryptocurrencies of the house of Earth, can only be a good investment if investors start investing in it and keep it for a longer period. After the disaster, most investors lost faith in Terra’s developers. Investors will seek a quick profit from Luna instead of holding the cryptocurrency for a longer period.

One of the main problems for Luna is that Luna’s ecosystem has not expanded. If we look at the ecosystem of other cryptocurrencies, there is an ongoing effort to expand the ecosystem. Shiba Inu, which was launched as a meme coin, has also ventured into multiple developments to boost investor confidence. However, for Luna, there has been no development in its ecosystem. Luna depended solely on its stable currency and helped Luna’s price rise, but with USTC, Luna’s stablecoin losing its peg value, Luna’s entire ecosystem collapsed. Luna is also somewhat responsible for the current condition of the cryptocurrency market.

Therefore, considering several factors, Luna may not be a
good long-term investment, but if someone is looking for a short-term gain, Luna may be preferred.

Earth Moon Price Forecast for 2023 and 2025

Earth Moon Price Prediction 2023 is $6.68.

Earth Moon Price Prediction 2025 is $12.97.

Earth Moon Price Prediction 2030 is $58.02.

Will the price of Luna Coin go up? 4 reasons why Terra Luna will go up

  • In 20316, Ethereum that had just forked from ETC, fell by 50% in just 5 months. In the end, ETH doubled the price in one year. So while a 50% drop in Terra Coin looks scary, it happened first with ETH and ETH is now a respected Blockchain.
  • The price of Luna 2.0 is only $3 which makes it easy to own and trade. Often, very expensive cryptos make it difficult to own and trade. A large number of coins were held to facilitate trade or investment.
  • Terra is still in its early days of recovery, eventually, cryptocurrency will improve its capabilities and provide value to customers and businesses

Will the price of Luna’s cryptocurrencies rise? 3 reasons why Terra Luna will not rise

  • The original reason for $LUNA’s failure was poor planning and execution, unlike ETC which was a security breach, something every large company may have encountered at least once. This does not give investors confidence that Terra Coin will be well managed in the future.
  • Negative news about Terra continues to be reported every day suggesting that not everything is on board compared to cryptocurrency
  • When Terra was originally launched in 2018, the competition was much less and this allowed Terra to be a major player in early 2022. It’s unclear how Terra can compete in such a competitive landscape with such a small size and adoption rate. Ethereum, for example, had a free ride for 1-2 years to correct the course and gain share.

General recommendation: There are many options in the market today with less uncertainty. It makes no sense to have $LUNA more than 5% of your Crypto wallet.

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