Detailed information about a title: here’s where to find them

To decide whether or not to buy a stock, you need to have an overview of its instrument by first gathering related information and performing some fundamental or technical analysis.

Fortunately, all the basic information can be easily found on the eToro platform. Please see the guide below:

After clicking on a ticker, you will see the ticket screen as below:

Note: To help you understand better, we’ll use Google (GOOG) to serve as an example of stock ticker in this post.

In the upper-left corner of the screen

You can find the basic information of the stock ticker, including:

– Stock ticker, company name

– Current price, the price movement (compared to the opening price of the same day). For example, look at the image example below.

The number of $11.58 represents an amount of variation between the opening and closing prices. More specifically, it means that the closing price was $11.58 higher than the opening price (equivalent to a 0.44% increase).

In addition, color can be a useful and quick indicator when it comes to understanding changes in stock prices. So, for those who are able, here’s what to look for:

  • Red usually indicates that the stock is trading at a lower price than the day before.
  • Green typically means it’s traded higher.
  • Blue and white can both be used to show that the price is the same.

– Exchange, currency and market status (open or closed)

To open a new order, click “Trade” in the upper right corner.

In addition, you also look for more information in 4 tabs: Feed, Statistics, Chart, Search.


The default view (the Feeds tab) shows all the latest news and in-depth discussions surrounding the instrument’s stock price and its activity in general.

The Feeds tab is designed with a Facebook-like interface, where you can share your thoughts on this resource and even comment on updates posted by other investors.

Stas (statistics)

– On the left of the screen, the Stas screen displays the most important parameters such as:

  • Prev Close: The closing price of the last session
  • Market capitalization: market capitalization
  • Range of the day: the fluctuation of the price during the day (displayed through the highest and lowest price)
  • P/E ratio: the ratio of stock price to earnings
  • 52-week interval: the price fluctuation during the 52-week period (displayed through the highest and lowest price)
  • revenue
  • Average volume
  • EPS: Earnings per share
  • 1-year return: one-year rate of return on investment
  • Dividend (Yield): dividend yield on the share price

Note: These parameters are different between different resources. For example, Bitcoin has a volume parameter instead of a P/E ratio

– Right of the screen: Mountain graph, showing the growth of the tool.
– At the bottom: basic information about the company includes a financial summary (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement) and its profile.


Each financial instrument has its own chart, which is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing its history and performance. Click “Chart” to view a chart showing the price movement over the years.

The chart on eToro is quite flexible with a variety of useful tools. You can change the displayed period by zooming in and out.


This tab shows expert recommendations and advice for a particular asset (buy, sell or hold), as well as their specific estimates for the price range of that asset.

The details are as follows:


  • consensus
  • Price target
  • Analyst rating
  • Hedge Fund’s Activity
  • Insider Transaction

In fact, making an investment or trading decision is a big challenge for many people. However, you will have access to a collection of accumulated knowledge shared by renowned investors and experts from the world’s leading financial institutions with the “Research” tab. So, you can have more effective decisions.

However, investors must fund to the eToro account to use the search feature.

Probably the best way to use all this knowledge is to practice reading the stock ticker tape, which also gives you better trading orders. Good luck and good trading!

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