The world of man is constantly changing and outpacing itself with rapid advances in almost every aspect of life. From blockchain technology, casino games to online betting markets, the world has never been more unpredictable and exciting as of now. The trend in the sports industry is also shifting from physical games to virtual games.

One of the most popular developments of recent times is eSports, sometimes also known as electronic sports, e-sports or Esports.

It amalgamates numerous popular digital games that provide users with a highly competitive and electrifying gaming experience, such as CSGO eSports Crypto Betting.

Players can place paid and free bets on their favourite computer games through the use of cryptocurrencies. eSports betting differs from traditional sports betting, but bets are placed on popular eSports with competitive components. Online betting sites accept various forms of payment, such as digital and fiat currencies, and provide generous bonuses when players register.

Currently, the highest ranking esports site in popularity compared to other eSports is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CS:GO. After making a deposit, players can place bets on various parts of CSGO such as the winner of the first half, the entire tournament, .

the outcome is the tiebreaker or the use of extraordinary artillery. Other esports like CSGO are league of legends, overwatch, rocket league, etc.

A brief history of CSGO gambling
Counter-Strike has evolved into an esports game known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). The game has revolutionised the betting markets by adding a new chapter in the licensed betting system.

CSGO eSports cryptocurrency betting is a new online gaming system where players can satisfy their gambling habits by depositing their e-wallet to bet at their favourite bookmaker. It is faster, safer and cheaper than traditional fiat currency based gambling.

There are many CSGO gambling sites where users can play this game and earn profits by betting their crypto assets. In addition, some online casinos also offer CSGO skinned casino games such as CSGO jackpot and CSGO roulette.

Counter-Strike: Global offensive is a shooter game with traditional first-person perspective gameplay. The user interface is fluid, with simple graphics that make the game faster than its rivals. Two teams of five play against each other in the best-of-30 match. To enhance the gaming experience and maximise their chances of victory, players must purchase armour, weapons or health kits in-game.

After its release, the game was widely accepted and has become one of the most popular top crypto casino games with a solid reputation. The main reasons behind its success are its smooth gameplay, unbiased ranking system, next level gaming tournaments and exceptional playing field for multiplayer combat.

Like any other game, one should have the essential information at their bookmaker regarding the pros and cons of this sport, which will give players the benefit of strategising before the match begins to negate unnecessary losses or unexpected outcomes.

One of the best ways to familiarise oneself with the game is to play it first and then watch online streaming videos posted on the Internet by professionals. Several e-sports betting sites record the match they receive and maintain complete information on teams and individuals.

Many CSGO betting platforms have specific terms and conditions that should be reviewed before use. If the player does not have digital assets in their e-wallet, they should keep their credit and debit cards ready. In addition, they should also check the deposit and withdrawal times of the gambling site they are using.

The game has a competitive interface where two teams containing five players each are pitted against each other, and both teams are given certain objectives that they must achieve in order to emerge victorious in the game.
Both teams have different roles in the game. One can play the role of terrorists (Ts), while the other gets the role of counter-terrorists (CT).
Although there are several game modes available in CS: GO, the five-on-five (5on5) competitive mode is preferred. Professional esports matches are always played in this mode.
This mode is full of strategy and warfare where the attacking Ts must plant and detonate a bomb at a certain location, also known as A or B site. Another possibility to win the match/round for Ts is to eliminate all TCs.
The tasks assigned to the TCs are precisely the opposite. To win, they can either defuse the transplanted bomb or eliminate the entire Ts team.
A full match consists of 30 rounds in total and the time duration of a single round is a maximum of 1 minute and 55 seconds. The first team that manages to secure a victory in 16 rounds becomes the winner of the match.
CS:GO has a unique bounty feature under which it uses in-game currency to reward players for winning rounds, killing members of the opposing team and the successful use of extraordinary weapons.
Players can use rewarded dollars to purchase new weapons between rounds to increase their chances of winning the next rounds.

Go to the best reputable CSGO Esports betting sites
The first step to betting on CSGO is to research the best crypto gambling sites,which can be a very daunting task as there are hundreds of gambling sites and choosing one of them is quite intimidating, especially for newbies and gamblers.

Register on the website

The next step in this process after finding a licensed CSGO gambling site is to register a new betting account and wait for the site to verify it. Here, players must complete the information and do the verification.

Deposit the money you wish to bet

After the registration process, players can make their first deposit at the gaming site. Upon making the transaction, players can take advantage of a welcome bonus to multiply their deposits. Players can use the wallet of any cryptocurrency exchange platform they use to make crypto deposits.

Claim your potential

This is the strategic stage where players determine whether or not it is worth placing a bet. It is a calculated guess based on relevant odds, and the size of the stake one is ready to take a risk.

Choose a match to place a stake

Now the player must choose a match to place a bet on. Some of the most common betting options one can find in CSGO online betting are the winning team, the winner of the first half, the K/D ratios of the teams and the grenade fragments.

There are many risky bets as well such as determining the winner of the tournament at the start of the match.

Choose the type of bet

To start betting, one must first learn that there are multiple options regarding the type of CSGO cryptocurrency betting available on CSGO betting sites where players can go with pre-match betting or live betting, which is done on a round-by-round basis. Of the two, live betting is more preferred due to its attractive and exciting interface. However, the betting markets do not offer many options in this particular section.

Play and win

Here comes the most fun part of e-sports betting, where players can engage in live action and use solid tactics to win. Players must understand the game mechanics, the professional scenes and the strategic uses of various weapons available to increase their chances of winning. One should refrain from walking blindly into the arena.

Claim your winnings

After winning, the player can withdraw his winnings in simple steps. Once again, the address of the cryptocurrency wallet plays a crucial role. One only needs to copy the wallet address, fill in the mandatory information and make the withdrawal. Sometimes, the bookmaker may charge some fee for withdrawals.


Cryptocurrency has been a point of debate for world-renowned economists and financial experts for some time now. Using cryptocurrencies for gambling has quite a few advantages, which are mentioned below:

The first and foremost reason behind the popularity of cryptocurrency in CSGO esports betting is its worldwide acceptance compared to fiat currencies. If one is dealing with this digital asset, one may never have to switch to another type of currency for betting due to its fluidity in traditional sports and e-sports.
The speed of a transaction made using cryptocurrencies cannot be matched by its traditional counterpart. While traditional payment methods can take days to be reflected in the account, withdrawing cryptoassets is super fast and only takes a maximum of 24 hours to settle.
Another reason behind the escalation in the use of cryptocurrencies in CSGO esports betting is that the registration process is becoming simpler. The sites also accept anonymous users, giving them a safe space to bet while negating the chances of unnecessary legal problems.
By using cryptocurrencies as a payment method, players gain added security as bitcoin funds are held in a separate wallet from the bank.
Some websites that support e-sports betting do not charge any fees on payments made by cryptoassets, while an actual fee is charged in the case of fiat currencies.



The speed of processing deposits and withdrawals is faster than traditional payment methods such as credit and debit cards.
One of the main benefits of using cryptocurrencies in CSGO gambling is that the gambling sites do not take any personal information, which means that one can play anonymously without legal problems.
Another major advantage of using digital currencies is that CSGO betting casinos offer a generous deposit bonus to players on their first deposit. Sometimes, players can get up to a 100% deposit bonus. Some sites also offer welcome bonuses when new players sign up.
The gambling site accepts full control of players over their funds, giving them the authority to withdraw funds at any time they wish.

Payment tracking becomes easier as all transactions are available to searchers on the public ledger of that cryptoasset, known as blockchain.
Another advantage of using digital assets is that claiming profits becomes more accessible due to cryptographic encryption, which helps to make a safe withdrawal.


One of the main disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies is that they are not regulated. It has a high volatility that creates many doubts about its uses related to financial security.
The web is full of fake CSGO gambling sites, which makes it difficult for new players to make secure transactions.
Another significant disadvantage of using cryptocurrencies is that some casinos charge a withdrawal fee on payouts.
As blockchain technology is not very popular and still in its infancy, it is sometimes not easy for players to accept it without hesitation. This is one of the main disadvantages that cryptocurrencies are facing at the moment.

In the last decade, the world has witnessed the rise of professionalism in online gaming similar to its athletic counterpart. Numerous sponsorships, huge prize pools and a taste of fame have made this industry a paradise for the upcoming gaming enthusiasts. There has been a considerable increase in the number of betting sites offering CSGO eSports betting with cryptocurrencies. Though not foolproof, there are some reliable points that one can look for while searching for the best sites in this segment.

The first thing that a player should look for in the search to find the best CSGO betting sites is to check whether they are actually licensed to offer CSGO eSports betting with cryptocurrencies or not. The player should make sure that the chosen betting site makes offers in their local currency.

This should be done because if the situation is different, it may be a fraudulent case where the player will not receive any payout even after winning the bet. Sometimes, in order to deceive new entrants in this industry, some gambling sites do not disclose whether they are operating in a particular area or not.

CSGO gambling sites that offer good coverage are the ones a player should go with. One of the most significant shortcomings of conventional casino games is that coverage is not given sufficient priority. Live streams of games rarely occur, and the betting available is not specialised. Therefore, if the chosen CSGO betting site provides excellent coverage, a player has come to the right place.

A player should be sure to look at the eSports CSGO betting site’s page to check whether or not any promotional events are running. Even if there is no promotional activity during inspection, the record of past promotions will give one a general idea about the betting site’s competition.

After selecting many of the top popular sites, one should take a quick look at the site’s competitive odds before making the first deposit. At times, Counter-Strike betting odds appear to be unbiased and foolproof, but understanding their mechanics and different skill set levels can produce unexpected results. Once players get used to it, they should categorise “value bets” as particularly profitable bets.

Speed of payout
As with conventional gambling sites, withdrawals take 24-72 hours to clear the bank account. The key factors responsible for variations in payout speeds are: the bookmaker, the payment method and the amount of money one is trying to withdraw. Contrary to popular myth, there is no trick by which one can induce the speed of payouts. However, different betting sites have different payout times.

Support of CSGO gambling websites
Can a player contact customer support whenever the need arises, and what are the methods of contact? This factor becomes extremely important when it comes to the location of the bookmaker. A competent bookmaker will mostly have a 24/7 live chat function available.

CSGO betting bonuses and promotions
eSports betting sites operate in a competitive environment where each site rewards generous bonuses to newcomers to increase their customer base. The most common and effective way to attract gaming enthusiasts is by offering chest deposit bonuses and tournament promotions. The top crypto sports betting sites offer their customers a 100 percent deposit bonus. Websites that provide a welcome bonus to their customers when they deposit funds for the first time are highly recommended.

eSports betting sites offer a large number of betting types and markets specifically designed for CSGO only. However, the exact number varies from site to site. Although the most viable type of betting is pre-match betting, players generally prefer live betting.

Compared to pre-match betting, live betting is more energetic and exciting. In live betting, players open bets as the tournament progresses. One should be aware of the fact that betting sites change the odds as the match unfolds.

Round Winner / Correct Score
This is the most basic or, one might say, conventional type of betting in Counter-Strike where the player has to pick the winner of a particular round simply. A full match consists of 30 rounds and whichever team takes the majority becomes the winner of the round.

Outright winner
When betting on a tournament, if a player picks the winner of the entire tournament instead of the rounds, this bet is known as an “outright winner”. However, before betting on the outright winner, one should check the bookmaker’s terms and conditions so that there is no confusion afterwards.

Total kills (team/player)
One of the most common bets available to newbies and bettors in all prominent eSports is the total kills made by the team or an individual. Depending on his research and knowledge, the player can bet on the total kills of a player/team.

CSGO Handicap betting is also known as spread betting, as the betting criteria in this type of betting is different from the above. The player must predict the score based on the length of the match (best of 3, Bo5, etc.). Betting prediction is difficult in this type of betting and the odds are sometimes higher than usual.

Winner of the match
This bet is based on the number of points scored by the team. Whichever team scores 16 points first wins the game. If both teams score 15, then it will end in a draw.

Map Winner
This type of bet falls into the special category of profitable bets only if one has adequate knowledge of the team. It is usually placed on Bo3 or Bo5 matches. The team has to choose a specific map on which they have complete experience.

Total Maps
This type of bet is placed on a specific strike rate. The bet is placed on the condition that the total maps played under the series are above/below the above mentioned strike rate.

In-play betting
This is a form of live betting where bets are placed after the match has started. These bets are a highly proactive way of placing bets for an electrifying experience full of unexpected outcomes. These types of bets are placed round after round, and players must have an in-depth knowledge of the matches to make a profit in this format.

For players delving into CSGO betting for the first time, here is a complete beginner’s guide to CSGO betting. The CSGO guide will help players understand the basics of the cryptocurrency game and be aware of what to do and what not to do.

Tips for analysing CSGO Esports betting tactics
The map group

In CSGO, both teams competing in a tournament get seven maps to choose from. Prior to the start of the match, each team can choose and ban specific maps until three maps are finalised to start the match. In-depth knowledge of each team’s map selection is crucial to betting on CSGO, as having that information will give the player the advantage in predicting the winner of the tournament.

LAN vs. online

There is a significant difference in matches played on LANs and online networks. LANs are more professional and are mainly played in tournaments and on stage. LAN games are played in a pressurised environment with highly experienced teams that have trained for months at a time.

The online section also has its demerits such as internet problems and disruptive elements in the environment, as they are played from home. The latter creates more disruption than the former, as new players have to use creative techniques to defeat their experienced counterparts.

Meta and statistics

Meta is the collection of strategies and arms that is most effective at any given time. Like other sports, CSGO also has a Meta that changes frequently throughout the year. These changes have different effects on different teams. Therefore, one should always be aware of these changes.

CSGO Betting Tips
Do CS: GO Esports Research

The most important tip regarding online CSGO eSports crypto betting is to do thorough research about it. One must know every nook and cranny of their gaming mechanism before they join. Though it does not guarantee a win, it surely increases the chances of winning by a large margin. Since digital assets are unregulated, one must treat them with care. A general advice is that newbies should learn to be anonymous while indulging in this industry. They can review an e-sports guide to understand the deposit and withdrawal processes.

Don’t Tilting in CS:GO Gambling.

Tilting is a term widely used in poker when a player, after facing some losses, becomes angry and distressed. During tilting, the player makes hasty decisions that must be avoided at all costs. If someone gets stuck in such a situation, he should stop betting and come back after taking a break. If a player has a bad day in betting, he should accept it and come back another day to win.

Find the best CS: GO betting sites.

Another essential tip for players to start their betting journey is to find the best betting site for their needs. Sites that offer a great welcome bonus on a deposit, easy win claims, etc., should be preferred. Along with bonuses, you should also check whether the site offers a simple withdrawal mechanism or not.

The best CSGO betting odds
The initial betting phase is very confusing and daunting, as statistics, odds, handicap betting, etc., cannot be learned in a day. Odds are the chances of a specific outcome occurring. Lower odds mean less chance of that outcome occurring and vice versa. Multiply the bet with odds to find out the decimal odds for a particular bet. The best CSGO betting odds will be when the odds are higher.

After reviewing the entire article on CSGO betting, it can be deduced that although there are numerous pros and cons to this industry, the CSGO user base is multiplying rapidly. The number of sites that accept digital currencies as a payment method for CSGO betting is also not very high, but it is steadily increasing. As mentioned above, there are numerous advantages of cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies; so if anyone is looking for a way to bet digital currency easily, have a hassle-free withdrawal mechanism and get strong bonuses, they are in the right place. It is one of the fastest growing markets where a player can make a huge profit with their anonymity remaining secure. We highly recommend the use of cryptocurrencies for ESports CSGO betting so that players around the world can make huge profits with cryptocurrency lying dormant in their wallets.

Is it legitimate to bet with cryptocurrencies on CSGO eSports Online?
Yes, betting on CSGO eSports games is legitimate, as there are no international gambling laws prohibiting the practice of eSports betting. Betting money on CSGO is legal everywhere.

Is it safe to bet on CSGO?
It depends on the website you have chosen as your bookmaker. Most CSGO betting websites are safe to bet on. Also, if the website provides SSL and RNG security protocols, one can be assured of its safety.

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