Cronos Price Prediction (CRO) 2023, 2025 and 2030

CRO is a native currency of the blockchain. The CRO blockchain focuses on providing utilities to users of’s payment, trading, and financial services solutions. On the platform, CRO facilitates trading. It can be used for decentralized finances. Sometimes it also acts as an intermediate currency that allows users to convert cryptocurrency.    

CRONOS is not minable and its goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrencies.

CRO was designed to facilitate transactions within its blockchain and financial ecosystem. 

CRO Price Summary This Year

  • Last 1 month: -35.9%
  • Last 3 months: -44.2%
  • YTD: -87.9%

Is CRO a good investment?

blockchain focuses on providing utilities to users of .com Crypto’s payment, trading, and financial services solutions. CRO allows users to pay more to online merchants and sometimes also acts as an intermediary currency that allows users to convert cryptocurrency. 

CRO coin gained over 1000% in 2021, but struggled during the year losing over 80% in value. The first two quarters were terrible thanks to the Fed lowering the size of its balance sheet and the Luna Crash. 

  • Q1: -20%
  • Q2: -77.1%
  • Q3: -1.5%
  • Q4: -36.7%

As a result, IntoTheBlock data currently shows that about 77% of CRO coin holders are at a loss, while only 21% of holders are profitable.

36% of CRO
coin holders are over 1 year old while 61% are between 1 and 12 months old. 2% of CRO Coin holders are less than a month old. 

So, coin is a good investment?

There are many positives

  • Backed by, a well-known brand.
  • Wide range of use, from use on exchanges, payments, NFT, DeFi and Staking
  • Limited competition with only 4 major exchange competitors. With a native captive market, the CRO can achieve consistently good performance over the long run
  • In order to increase investor confidence in CRONOS, the parent company of CRONOS, has ventured into different fields. Last year he brought the naming right of the Staples Center in Los Angeles. is also an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup.  
  • was also the official sponsor

  • of last season’s NFL Super Bowl. This indicates that, the CRONOS backer is well funded. is also the official sponsor of this year’s FIFA World Cup

However, CRO underperformed its peers by a wide margin. Here are the YTD performances of its competitors

  • LEO: +10.3%
  • BNB: -48.6%
  • CRO: -87.9%

With this metric alone, CRO isn’t a big investment to consider right now.

Note: Exchange tokens have traded negatively this year, but the collapse of the FTT token has affected the token the most.

Will the CRO increase?

backed by a big brand, however, the recent FTX fiasco has led to doubts about the future of as well. The current market condition is worrying and the chances of CRONOS recovering this year are bleak. 

FTX has been one of the most popular crypto exchanges and with its collapse, investors are pulling their digital assets from exchanges. CRONOS is an exchange token and to make it grow it needs more investors flocking to the crypto Currently, the scenario is different, so CRO may not go up as of now.  

Will the CRO go down?

CRO lost more than 40% of its value in November 2022. As an exchange token, CRO is struggling like the rest of the exchange tokens. The collapse of FTX has increased the fear that the rest of the exchanges will follow a similar path.   According to JP Morgan’s latest report, A massive withdrawal from trade is underway.

The price of CRONOS is
influenced both by the current condition of the cryptocurrency market and by traders looking for a safe place to store their assets rather than keeping them on the exchange. Looking at the performance of CRONOS, there is a greater chance that CRO prices will fall. 

CRONOS Technical Analysis

remained bearish and the price of the CRO fell below $0.10. The chart below shows that the bearish trend of CRONOS continues despite CRO making some gains. The RSI (purple line) indicates that CRONOS remains oversold. The RSI failed to reach the 70 mark, indicating that the bearish trend will continue.   

The 30-day EMA shows the CRO support forming at $0.64. If CRO falls below his, we could see the price of CRONOS below $0.06. are you in trouble?

FTX exchange, which was larger than, went bankrupt within days. Since then, the fear of following a similar path has increased. The native currency of CRONOS has fallen by more than 40% in the last 10 days.  

The reason for the panic among investors is justifiable. like FTX has spent a huge amount of capital on advertising and celebrity sponsorships. In addition, as FTX is based in the United States. FTX is headquartered in the Bahamas and is a company registered Singapore.   

Recently mistakenly sent over 80% of its holdings in ether worth $400 million worth of cryptocurrency, to the exchange. However, the company later stated that it was able to recover them. This activity, however, did not go well with investors or traders on the platform.  

Since then, CEO Kris Marszalek has used almost all social media media to try to reassure customers that their deposits are safe and that the company is on solid footing.

Binance’s CEO, however, was quick to sound the alarm after the incident. He said an exchange that suddenly moves large amounts of cryptocurrencies like that “is a clear sign of problems.”

However, it would be too early to draw conclusions about’s financial status at the moment, but there is panic among investors.

Cronos Coin Price Forecast: DeFi TVL Performance

CRO DeFi TVL has been on a downward trend since mid-August. However, the last few days have seen a huge slump in CRO’s TVL . 

Before we discuss CRO coin price forecasting, let’s understand what CRONOS is and its roadmap

What Is CRO Cronos Coin?

There are two types of CRO coins.

  • CRO is a currency native to the blockchain and can be used for transactions
  • CRO is also an ERC-20 token used for transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain and needs Ether as gas fees for transactions
  • .

  • The ecosystem is built on Ethermint which allows apps and smart contracts to move within blockchains. Cronos like many other cryptos are interoperable and can communicate between their blockchain and those that support the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol. 
  • The CRO blockchain focuses on providing utilities to users of’s payment, trading, and financial services solutions.
  • Cronos (CRO) the native currency of has various features
    • Facilitates trading on the platform
    • Can also be used for decentralized finance
    • CRO allows users to pay more to online merchants and
    • Sometimes it also acts as an intermediate currency that allows users to convert cryptocurrency.
    • Some practical use cases CRO stake payments using Visa card Fiat wallet exchange DeFi wallet

CRO Roadmap

Cronos Performance Update, first 6 months (Click here to read the article in detail)

  • 900,000 users
  • 300 DApps
  • 480,000 transactions per day

There are 4 axes on which improvements have been made or planned to be implemented

  • Developer-level to simplify app development and publishing
  • Blockchain layer to improve transaction speed and efficiency
  • Updates to support gaming and metaverse applications
  • Cronos Labs to scale and support new projects through Grants Program, Accelerator and Hackathon

There has been little impact on pricing because, unlike a polygon that seems to expand across industries and categories, Cronos’ emphasis seems to be extremely technical and focused on use cases.

How will CRO reach $1?

CRO almost reached $1 in November 2021, but after touching $0.96 the price receded. Considering the current market condition, here’s how and when the CRO will reach $1:

If CRONOS increases by 30% per year: in the next 8.5 years.

If CRONOS increases by 50% per year: in the next 5.5 years.

Will Cro recover?

backed by one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges, For this reason, the usefulness of CRONOS is high and there is high trust for both and CRONOS tokens among investors. This factor gives CRONOS an additional advantage over its rival cryptocurrencies.   However, to answer the question, CRONOS will recover, then it can be said that it is highly unlikely that CRONOS will recover this year.

The main reason behind it is that micro factors are completely unfavorable. There is no end to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict, countries around the world are gradually being pushed into recession, inflation rates are high, and the spending power of ordinary citizens has decreased. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that CRONOS will recover this year. CRO Price Prediction 2022

CRO Price Prediction 2022 is $0.13 which is 1.2 times the current price. CRO Price Forecast 2023

Cronos Price Prediction 2023 is $0.23 which is 2.1 times the current price.

CRO Price Prediction 2024 is $0.33 which is 3 times the current price.

CRO Coin Price Prediction 2025

The aggregate CRO price forecast for 2025 is $0.45.

CRO Price Prediction 2026 is $0.505. This is 4.6 times the current price. 

CRO Price Prediction 2027 is $0.725. This is 6.6x the current price. 

Cronos Price Prediction 2028 is $1.07. This is 9.8 times the current price. 

CRO Price Prediction 2029 is $1.55. This is 14.1x the current price. 

CRONOS Price Prediction 2030

The overall forecast CRONOS Price 2030 is $2.2.

Can CRO reach $100?

CRONOS’ all-time high was just under $1, but now the price of CRONOS is just over $0.10. However, it will be unwise to consider the current price and declare that CRONOS will not reach $100. Cryptocurrency is no longer just about tokens, but about the ecosystem and support that could help increase investor confidence in a particular cryptocurrency.   In this regard, CRONOS is ahead of most cryptocurrencies.

How can CRONOS reach $100?

All of the above factors indicate that CRONOS is safe and has a greater chance of increasing in the future. However, in order to determine when and how CRO will reach $100, let’s do some calculations:

If the CRO were to increase by 25% per year, the number of years it would take CRONOS to reach $100 is 31 years.

If the CRO were to increase by 50% per year, the number of years it would take CRONOS to reach $100 is 17 years.

CRO Price Prediction Reddit

On Reddit, the discussion about the future of CRO
is rather mixed. Few Reddit users are optimistic about the increase in CRO in the future, while many think that CRO may not be able to reach its ATH in the near future.  

Future CRO

Can CRO reach $1000?

CRO lost two-thirds of its value in April 2022. Firstly because of the Fed’s launch of a plan to reduce the size of its balance sheet and secondly because of the collapse of LUNA.  CRO’s future growth depends on improving external liquidity (which could remain a problem for many months to come) and how CRO stands out really on the market.

It failed to stand out in the market despite the association and rebranding of Cronos. The lack of a strong community is a major issue. The lack of strong engagement with influencers is also another major issue.  

For CRONOS to reach $1000, if CRO earns 50% annually, it will take 23 years to reach $1000. Also, if CRO
earns 25% per year, it will take 41 years for CRO to reach $1000.  

CRONOS Price Prediction: CRO Token Summary

The total supply of CRO tokens is 30,263,013,692 which is also the maximum bid. CRO coins are used for several purposes:

30% is used for secondary distribution and launch incentives that have been released in batches on a daily basis for five years since November 14, 2018.

– 20% is used as a capital reserve that has been frozen until 7 November 2022.

– 20% is used for long-term network incentives that have been frozen until 7 November 2022

20% is for ecosystem grants that have been frozen until the launch of Chain Mainnet

– 10% of the CRO currency must be used for community development.

CRO Price Prediction: How to buy CRO or CRONOS coins?

Buying CRONOS cryptocurrencies
is similar to buying other cryptocurrencies. The steps for buying CRONOS cryptocurrency are:

Step 1: To invest in CRO you first need to find an exchange that offers CRO Coin for Trade: CRONOS is the native token of, so some of the exchanges with your native tokens may not have CRO listed for the exchange. Therefore, finding a good exchange with lower fees for trading CRONOS can be slightly difficult. 

Step 2: Create an account with
Exchange: After selecting the exchange, the next step will be to create an account and add a payment method to the exchange. You may be required to provide your proof of identity to open an account with exchanges. 

Step 3: Verify your identity: After creating your account,
you will be required to verify your identity so that the exchange can activate your account. After verification, it depends on the exchange time period to activate your account. 

Step 4: Fund the account: The next step is to fund your account. You can do this through a bank account or any other payment method. 

Step 5: Make the purchase: Next is to make the purchase. You can buy the amount of CRONOS depending on the value of your wallet. 

Once you have made the payment and purchased the CRO coin, the last step is to keep the purchased coins. Most exchanges offer their own wallet where you can store CRO coins. However, for added security, you can store purchased CRO coins in external wallets.   Some of the external wallets are Ledger Wallets, Metamask Wallet, Atomic Wallet, Binance Wallet, etc.

The exchanges that offer CRO coins to trade are:

  2. Coinbase
  3. FTX Exchange
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