Conti Exness: how to have more than one

Not only does it provide low spreads and fast deposit and withdrawal speeds, but Exness also designs a variety of account types and allows users to open many different accounts on the same user account. This makes it easier for traders to allocate different trading strategies, making it easier to manage and monitor the performance of those trades. The following article will guide you on opening multiple Exness trading accounts.

1. Why should you open additional Exness accounts?

Opening multiple accounts is carried out for different purposes:

  • For example, you want to test many different trading strategies. This segregation of each strategy on an account will help you keep track of how well it’s doing and compare it to each other.
  • Or separate your portfolio by market, such as an account dedicated to investing in stocks or an account that specializes in trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Generally, each person will have different reasons to open multiple trading accounts. Whatever the reason, XM has studied and developed this feature to meet the needs of investors.

2. How to open an Exness account

To open multiple Exness trading accounts, make sure you already have an Exness account. Then follow these steps:

Step 1. Access to the Exness Members Area

Log in to your Exness trading account from the homepage. Click the “Open New Account” button at the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2. Choose an account type

You will see a list of accounts (standard accounts and professional accounts) that Exness offers its users. Choose an account type that suits your needs.

Step 3. Configure new account settings

Here you need to set the following settings:

  • Choose a real or demo account
  • Choose MT4 or MT5 platform
  • Set maximum leverage
  • Select the currency for your trading account
  • Enter a new account name
  • And enter a password for the new account

Note: The higher the leverage, the higher the profitability when the market fluctuates and is also proportional to the risk, amplifying the loss. To begin with, you should not use too high a lever.

Finally, click “Create an account”. The additional account will be set up immediately and you will not need to upload documents again (verification).

You can then start logging in, depositing and trading as usual.

3. How do you keep track of your trading accounts?

On the Exness members page, you can keep track of all the accounts you have in the “Account Information” section. Here, you can check and track your profit and loss situation, account balance, etc. and make some changes if you wish.

In addition, you can also quickly transfer money between Exness accounts or close any account when you no longer need it.

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