Complete Guide to the Rental Agreement for Guest House Use: How It Works and How to Register

The rental agreement for guest use represents a particular form of rent, in which a legal entity, such as a joint-stock company (S.p.A.), a limited liability company (S.r.l.) or a limited partnership (S.a.p.a.), rents a property to provide a housing solution to its employees, collaborators or officers. This type of contract is characterized by great flexibility and contractual freedom, allowing the parties to independently define crucial aspects such as the security deposit, the duration of the contract and other specific

What is the Rental Agreement for Forestry Use?

The rental agreement for guest use is an agreement in which a legal entity rents a property to accommodate its employees. This type of contract differs from normal residential leases because the tenant is a company, which uses the property for business needs. The main beneficiaries of the property, however, are the company’s employees, collaborators or officers. This type of contract is often used to facilitate the stay of workers in the event of temporary transfers for specific projects or the opening of new offices

Characteristics of the Rental Agreement for Forestry Use

The rental agreement for guest use has some peculiar characteristics:

  • Conductor: Only legal entities can be conductors of this type of contract.
  • Amount of the Fee: It is determined freely by the parties, without legal restrictions.
  • Contract Term: It is not defined by law, but must be agreed between the parties, with a maximum limit of 30 years.
  • Dry coupon: It is not applicable for this type of contract.

Fee, Duration and Renewal

In the rental agreement for guest use, the parties have full freedom to determine the rent and the duration of the contract. The duration may vary according to the needs of the parties, but cannot exceed 30 years. The contract may provide for an automatic renewal for a period equivalent to that initially established, unless otherwise indicated by contract. In the absence of renewal clauses, the contract ends automatically when it expires without the need for cancellation


The taxation for leases for guesthouse use requires that the tenant is a legal entity. It is not possible to apply the dry coupon, so the registration tax, which amounts to 2% of the annual fee, and the stamp duty of 16 euros for every four pages of the contract, with a minimum of 32 euros, apply. The utilities of the property are usually in the name of the parent company, but this may require the actual tenant
to contribute to the expenses.

Contract Registration Procedure

To register a rental agreement for guest use, it is necessary to fill out the registration form and submit it to the Revenue Agency within 30 days of signing it. This avoids financial penalties. The form must include all the details of the contract, including fee, duration, and any additional clauses

Facsimile of the Rental Agreement for Forestry Use

Below is an example of a rental agreement for guest use, useful as a trace for drafting your contract:


With the present private writing between
The Mrs…. born in… Prov. (…) Cap… the day…/…/…, C.F…. Resident in… Prov. (…) Cap… Via…, civ…, int…/…
Hereinafter referred to as the lessor party for short


The Dear Company… with headquarters in… Prov. (…) Cap… Via…, civ…, int…/…
VAT number…
legally represented by Mrs…. born in… Prov. (…) Cap… on the day…/…/…, C.F….

Hereinafter referred to as the lead party


In compliance with the provisions of the Civil Code, the landlord grants a temporary lease (guest house use) to the tenant, who accepts, an accommodation located in… Prov. (…) Cap… Via…, civ…, int…/… composed of…

The accommodation is delivered as it is, in good/excellent maintenance conditions and fully furnished as per a separate inventory signed by the contractors and must be returned in the same condition, without prejudice to deterioration due to normal use.
The execution of works, additions and improvements without the prior written authorization of the Lessor is expressly prohibited.
The Presenter is domiciled at her registered office in… Prov. (…) Cap… Via…, civ…, int…/… declaring to use the accommodation exclusively to meet the contingent needs of its employees or collaborators and will therefore grant the availability of the same on sublease and/or on loan to the employee Mr/Mrs… born in… Prov. (…) Cap… on the day…/…/…, C.F….
The duration of the lease is agreed in months/years… starting from the day…/…/…
and the day will end…/…/…
It will be considered further renewed by months/years…, unless cancelled at least… months before the deadline.
Given that the accommodation will be transferred to an employee, the tenant party is allowed to withdraw from this contract at any time and for any reason with at least… months’ notice to be communicated by registered letter with return receipt.
With a well-defined business rental agreement, which includes clear details on the conditions, intended use, responsibilities and payment methods, both landlords and businesses can enjoy a positive collaboration

When properly managed, it can offer practical and affordable solutions for businesses looking for temporary housing and for landlords who are eager to exploit their spaces profitably. The key to success is clear communication and open collaboration between stakeholders.

Place and date…

The landlord…
The leading part…

The rental agreement for guest use offers a flexible and advantageous solution for both companies and property owners. The possibility of freely establishing contractual terms makes it possible to adapt the agreement to the specific needs of the parties involved. Proper contract management and transparent communication are essential to ensure a fruitful and uncomplicated collaboration

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