Complete Guide to 2024 Senior Bonuses: Everything You Need to Know

2024 marks an important step forward in supporting people over 65, thanks to the introduction of a series of bonuses and benefits aimed at improving the quality of life and offering adequate economic support. The government has approved various measures to meet the needs of this often vulnerable segment of the population. In this article, we give you a complete and up-to-date overview of how to access these important aids.

The Bonuses Available in 2024

The 2024 Elderly Decree, together with the Budget Law, confirmed and introduced new support measures, some of which are linked to the ISEE limits. Let’s discover the main bonuses together

1) Universal Elderly Allowance

One of the most significant innovations is the Universal Elderly Allowance, designed for people who are not self-sufficient. This social benefit unifies various benefits, guaranteeing tailor-made support.
Although it was introduced in 2024, its experimental application will begin in 2025.

2) Inclusion Allowance Over 67

Active since January 1, 2024, this allowance aims to combat poverty and social exclusion among the elderly, with an amount that can reach 630 euros per month.

3) Social Allowance

With a value of 534.41 euros for 2024, the Social Allowance is aimed at those who are in economic difficulty, requiring specific income requirements.

4) Pet Bonus for Seniors

This bonus encourages the adoption of pets by those over 65, recognizing the emotional and health benefits that derive from them.

5) Elderly Mobility Bonus

The Regions manage this fund to promote the autonomous mobility of the elderly, overcoming obstacles to social participation and physical exercise.

6) Senior Travel Bonus Over 65

It promotes wellness and slow tourism, offering trips at affordable prices for the elderly.

7) Sports benefits for the elderly

These measures support physical and sports activity, improving psychophysical well-being and encouraging socialization.

8) Rai Fee Exemption for Over 75

An important aid for the elderly with limited income, which exempts them from paying the TV fee.

9) Social Bonus Bills

This bonus offers discounts on electricity and gas for those over 75 and for those who live in vulnerable situations.

10) Aid for the Elderly for Digitalization

Aimed at reducing the digital divide, this aid promotes the computer literacy of the elderly.

Supporting Those Who Care for the Elderly

In addition to direct bonuses, 2024 also sees the introduction of support measures for those who care for the elderly, such as the caregiver bonus for those over 80 and the caregiver bonus. This aid is crucial to ensure adequate assistance and to support those who dedicate time and resources to this important activity


The 2024 senior bonuses represent an important safety net and a tangible sign of commitment to people over the age of 65. Whether you are directly interested or caring for an elderly person, we invite you to learn about these opportunities to improve your quality of life and access available financial support

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